[{"title":"Oden data repository","summary":"The Swedish icebreaker Oden has served as a research vessel for expeditions to polar regions, in both Arctic and Antarctic waters, since 1991. Facilities on board include scienti\u00adfic laboratories, space to install research containers and deep ocean winches. This enables scientists to carry out research in different disciplines. \r\n\r\nThe vessel has been used for research in, for example, marine geology and geophysics, oceanography, ecology and atmospheric science. A broad range of datasets collected during several expeditions by scientists at Stockholm University and their national and international collaborators are, or will be, available here.\r\n\r\nCurrently, the data collection contains data only from the Ryder 2019 Expedition off North Greenland.","citations":"","comments":"The Swedish Polar Re\u00adsearch Secretariat and the Swedish Maritime Administration have, since 1991, regularly provided logistics for research expeditions on board [icebreaker Oden](https:\/\/polar.se\/en\/about-polar-research\/icebreaker-oden\/).\r\n\r\nFurther data from expeditions with icebreaker Oden, managed by the Swedish Polar Re\u00adsearch Secretariat or by other organizations than Stockholm University, are available at the [Swedish National Data Service](https:\/\/snd.gu.se\/en\/catalogue\/search\/Oden).\r\n\r\n#### Version history\r\n\r\n##### Version 3.0\r\nTwo datasets from the Ryder 2019 Expedition added.\r\n\r\n##### Version 2.0\r\nThree datasets from the Ryder 2019 Expedition added.\r\n\r\n##### Version 1.0\r\nInitial release. Includes four datasets from the Ryder 2019 Expedition.","category":"Marine","subcategory":"Expedition","keywords":"Marine geophysics; Meteorology; Oceanography; Biogeochemistry; Bathymetry; Icebreaker Oden","scientist":"Oden Scientific Party","firstname":"Martin","lastname":"Jakobsson","address":"Department of Geological Sciences; Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Oceans","location":"Ocean","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"3.0","constrains":"","access":""}]