Felicty Holmes Meteorological observations from Sherard Osborn Fjord, Northern Greenland, measured onboard icebreaker Oden, August 2019 Bolin Centre Database 2020 Datafile Atmosphere Weather observations Greenland Ryder 2019 expedition Icebreaker Oden Earth science > Atmosphere Felicity Holmes 2020-07-28T08:44:19+00:00 English 1 A comma-separated values (.csv) text file containing the data for each minute as a new row during the period 14⁠ – ⁠25th August inclusive is provided, containing 5 measured variables (air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, sea surface temperature, and precipitation), in addition to longitude and latitude coordinates. In total, there are 17,280 entries for each variable. The file size is 1.24 MB. The original raw data was kindly provided by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat. Felicity Holmes performed the following processing of the data: taking the mean of all the different instances of the same variable (e.g. where one variable was measured by various instruments, only the mean is given here). The Ryder 2019 Expedition was an Explorers Club Flag Expedition carrying Flag #51. It was multidisciplinary with a broad range of data collected.