Julia Steinbach, Henry Holmstrand, Örjan Gustafsson Isotope data (Δ¹⁴C, δ¹³C and δD) for dissolved methane at the Outer Eurasian Arctic Shelf Bolin Centre Database 2021 Datafile Marine Arctic carbon Methane Radiocarbon Isotopes Arctic carbon Arctic Ocean East Siberian Arctic Sea SWERUS-C3 Icebreaker Oden Earth science > Oceans > Ocean chemistry > Carbon Örjan Gustafsson 2021-02-11T17:51:45+00:00 English 1 The data is provided in one spreadsheet (xlsx) file with three tabs. File content: ###### Sample list * Sample ID, sampling device, depth, lon-lat coordinates and time of sampling * Salinity, temperature, oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide concentration of the seawater * Concentration, δD and δ¹³C of dissolved methane in seawater ###### Triple isotope samples * Concentration, δD, δ¹³C and Δ¹⁴C for dissolved methane in select seawater samples * Regression analysis results for Keeling plots of δD, δ¹³C and Δ¹⁴C to obtain the methane isotope signature of the seafloor methane seeps ###### ¹⁴C results * ¹⁴C of dissolved methane and CO₂, and parameters that were used for these calculations The same data is also provided in three comma-separated values (csv) files, stored with Western Europe (ISO-8859-15/EURO) character set. Please, cite the article by Steinbach et al. (2021) when using this dataset.