John Prytherch, Michael Tjernström, Patrick Crill, Ian Brooks Atmosphere-ocean carbon dioxide fluxes and gas transfer velocities during SWERUS-C3 Arctic expedition Bolin Centre Database 2017 Datafile Atmosphere Arctic carbon SWERUS-C3 Gas transfer Carbon Eddy covariance Sea ice Earth science > Atmosphere > Atmospheric chemistry John Prytherch 2017-12-07T17:12:37+00:00 English 1.0 This datapackage contains eddy covariance air-sea fluxes of CO₂, supporting data including dissolved CO₂ in surface waters, and derived gas transfer velocities obtained during the SWERUS-C3 project in the Arctic Ocean from July through September 2014. The datasets were collected onboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden. This datapackage consists of three files: 1. SWERUS_C3_gas_transfer_means_1.0.mat.asc Single ASCII comma separated file. Fluxes, gas transfer velocities, and supporting data averaged to the flux measurement period (20 minutes). This data has been filtered for flux measurement quality, including wind direction and outlier filters, as described in Prytherch et al. (2017). 2. Compressed file (total size ~ 128 MB) containing 612 ASCII comma separated files. High rate (~ 10 Hz) measurements of wind components and CO₂ mixing ratio used in the calculation of eddy covariance fluxes. Individual data files within the compressed file correspond to each mean value, as indicated by the time stamp in the filename. 3. Readme_SWERUSC3_gas_transfer_1.0 RTF format readme providing variable names, units, and brief notes on data processing for the above data files.