Oonsie Biggs Regime shifts database – large persistent changes in ecosystem services figshare 2019 Datafile Terrestrial Ecosystems Ecosystems Terrestrial ecosystems Marine ecosystems Social-ecological systems Regime shifts Critical transitions Phase transitions Earth science > Biosphere > Terrestrial ecosystems Juan Rocha 2019-02-15T15:12:41+00:00 English 1 Please cite Biggs et al. (2018) The dataset is included in one zip archive, containing comma separated value (csv) files. The dataset archived is the same version used in Rocha et al. (2018). Thus, the version of the database is as 2017. The database is under continuous development and future version might look different from the archived one. To access the latest version of the database, you can download it from <a href=""></a>. Data citation at figshare: Rocha, Juan; D. Peterson, Garry; Bodin, Örjan; Levin, Simon (2018): Cascading regime shifts within and across scales. figshare. Fileset. <a href=""></a> An earlier version, as used in Rocha et al. (2015), is also available at figshare. Citation: Rocha, Juan; Biggs, Reinette; Garry Peterson (2015): Regime Shifts in the Anthropocene Dataset. figshare. Fileset. <a href=""></a>