[{"title":"Data from expedition Ryder, off North Greenland, 2019","summary":"The Ryder 2019 Expedition was carried out during summer 2019 in the Arctic Ocean off Northwest Greenland. The main target was Sherard Osborn Fjord where Ryder Glacier drains the northwestern sector of Northern Greenland Ice Sheet. Included in the expedition survey areas were also Petermann Fjord and adjacent Hall Basin, northern parts of Nares Strait and an area northeast of Ellesmere Island in the Lincoln Sea.\r\n\r\nWith the Swedish icebreaker Oden serving as the research platform, a range of scientific investigations were made. The main scientific goal was to increase our knowledge on the marine cryosphere and ecosystem of Northwest Greenland, specifically changes caused by a warming climate, including the contribution from a retreating Greenland Ice Sheet to sea-level rise. Data types included in the database are high-resolution multibeam bathymetry, oceanographic data, marine chemistry data, meteorological observation data and a glacier calving front imagery.\r\n\r\nThis was an Explorers Club Flag Expedition carrying Flag #51. It started and ended in US Air Force Base Thule, Northwest Greenland, and lasted from August 5 to September 11, 2019.","citations":"Jakobsson, M., L. A. Mayer, J. Farrell, and Ryder 2019 Scientific Party (2020). SWEDARCTIC-Ryder 2019 Report, 1-455 pp, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, ISBN 978-91-519-5132-4.","comments":"The main scientific goal was to increase our knowledge on the marine cryosphere and ecosystem of Northwest Greenland, specifically changes that have or may occur due to a warming of the climate. The marine cryosphere includes outlet glaciers extending into the ocean, sea ice, frozen gas hydrates and subsea permafrost. In addition, land research included collection of driftwood for paleoclimate studies, mapping of uplifted shorelines and collections of clam shells for dating to reconstruct sea-level history, and terrestrial ecology. The latter included sediment coring in lakes for ancient DNA research.\r\n\r\nScientists from Sweden, USA, Canada and Denmark made up the scientific party of 39. The logistics of the expedition was financially supported by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping, University of New Hampshire, and Stockholm University. The Nippon Foundation of Japan supported multibeam bathymetry to be collected during the transects from and back to Sweden. All multibeam bathymetry data are contributed to the Nippon Foundation \u2014 GEBCO \u2014 Seabed 2030 project. The US Arctic Research Commission facilitated support from NOAA with satellite imagery for ice recognizance during the expedition.\r\n\r\n##### Participants\r\n###### Co-chief scientists\r\n* Martin Jakobsson, Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Larry Mayer, Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping\/Joint Hydrographic Center, University of New Hampshire, USA\r\n\r\n###### Expedition work package leaders\r\n* Geophysical Mapping: Brian Calder (University of New Hampshire)\r\n* Remotely Operated Mapping: Sam Reed (University of New Hampshire), Kevin Jerram (University of New Hampshire)\r\n* Water Column Imaging: Christian Stranne (Stockholm University), Liz Weidner (Stockholm University\/University of New Hampshire)\r\n* Sediment Coring\/Processing: Matt O\u2019Regan (Stockholm University), Carina Johansson (Stockholm University)\r\n* Physical Oceanography: Johan Nilsson (Stockholm University), Christian Stranne (Stockholm University)\r\n* Sediment and Water Chemistry: Volker Br\u00fcchert (Stockholm University), Adam Ulfsbo (University of Gothenburg)\r\n* Water Column Biology: Julek Chawarski (Memorial University)\r\n* Glaciology: Nina Kirchner (Stockholm University), Abhay Prakash (Stockholm University), Felicity Holmes (Stockholm University)\r\n* Trace Gas Biogeochemistry: Brett Thornton (Stockholm University)\r\n* Sea level history: Alan Mix (Oregon State University)\r\n* Paleoclimatology: Hans Linderholm (University of Gothenburg)\r\n* Terrestrial ecology, paleoecology, and archaeology: Love Dal\u00e9n (Swedish Natural History Museum), Fredrik Dalerum (Stockholm University)\r\n\r\n###### Scientific party\r\n* Lee-Gray Boze, USGS USA\r\n* Volker Br\u00fcchert, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Brian Calder, University of New Hampshire, CCOM, USA\r\n* Christian Car\u00f8e, Copenhagen University, Denmark\r\n* Julek Chawarski, Memorial University, Canada\r\n* Tom Cronin, USGS, USA\r\n* Love Dal\u00e9, Swedish Natural History Museum, Sweden\r\n* Fredrik Dalerum, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Bj\u00f6rn Eriksson, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* John Farrell, US Arctic Research Commission, USA\r\n* Jonas Fredriksson, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Laura Gemery, USGS, USA\r\n* Anna Gl\u00fcder, Oregon State University, USA\r\n* Anders G\u00f6therstr\u00f6m, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Bj\u00f6rn Gunnarson, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Dan Hammarlund, Lund University, Sweden\r\n* Tamara Handl, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Felicity Holmes, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Martin Jakobsson, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Kevin Jerram, University of New Hampshire, CCOM, USA\r\n* Carina Johansson, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Markus Karasti, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Hans Linderholm, University of Gothenburg, Sweden\r\n* Johannes M\u00e5sviken, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Larry Mayer, University of New Hampshire, CCOM, USA\r\n* Alan Mix Geologist, Oregon State University, USA\r\n* Julia Muchowski, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Johan Nilsson, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Matt O\u2019Regan, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* June Padman, Oregon State University, USA\r\n* Abhay Prakash, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Sam Reed, University of New Hampshire, CCOM, USA\r\n* Brendan Reilly, Oregon State University, USA\r\n* Emelie St\u00e5hl, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Christian Stranne, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Brett Thornton, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n* Adam Ulfsbo, University of Gothenburg, Sweden\r\n* Elizabeth Weidner, University of New Hampshire, CCOM, USA\r\n* Gabriel West, Stockholm University, Sweden\r\n\r\nSee more information at the [Swedish Polar Research Secretariat](https:\/\/polarforskningsportalen.se\/en\/arctic\/expeditions\/ryder-2019).\r\n\r\n#### Version history\r\n\r\n##### Version 2.0\r\nA glacier calving front imagery and two marine chemistry datasets added.\r\n\r\n##### Version 1.0\r\nInitial release. Includes four datasets: a high-resolution multibeam bathymetry, meteorological observation data, and two oceanographic datasets.","category":"Marine","subcategory":"Expedition","keywords":"Icebreaker Oden; Arctic Ocean; Bathymetry; Multibeam; Oceanography; Meteorology; Glaciology","scientist":"Martin Jakobsson, Larry Mayer, Ryder 2019 Scientific Party","firstname":"Martin","lastname":"Jakobsson","address":"Department of Geological Sciences; Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Oceans","location":"Ocean > Arctic Ocean","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"Ryder 2019 expedition","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"2.0","constrains":"","access":""}]