Anders Moberg Stockholm Historical Weather Observations — Daily mean air temperatures since 1756 (graphics) Bolin Centre Database 2019 Datafile Atmosphere Weather observations Air temperature Daily data Early instrumental data Homogenized data Sweden Graphics Visualization Earth science > Atmosphere > Atmospheric temperature > Surface temperature > Air temperature Anders Moberg 2019-08-02T16:54:10+00:00 English 1.0 None The dataset contains png files with visualizations of daily mean temperature data in each of the 263 years between 1756 and 2018. Two variants are provided; one set of figures with English labels and one with Swedish labels.</p> <p> Each figure shows the daily average temperature for each day for a given year, in red or blue, depending on whether the temperature is above or below the average calculated for the corresponding calendar date during the 250-year period 1756–2005 (plotted in thick black). Also shown are the lowest and highest observed daily mean temperature (thin black) and the 5th and 95th percentiles (green) for each calendar date in all years between 1756 and 2005. The temperature data used to create these figure files are those found in column 6 in the associated dataset with <a href=""> daily mean temperatures</a>. The observation site is included in the national station network managed by the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI), with station number 98210 (manual station) and 98230 (automatic station), but data used for the current set of figures can differ from those in the SMHI database.