Joachim Jansen, Martin Wik, Patrick Crill Methane bubble fluxes from subarctic lakes on the Stordalen Mire, Abisko, Northern Sweden Bolin Centre Database 2020 Datafile Lacustrine Arctic carbon Lake Methane Ebullution Subarctic Earth science > Atmosphere > Atmospheric chemistry > Carbon and hydrocarbon compounds > Methane Joachim Jansen 2020-07-27T09:32:47+00:00 English 2.0 This dataset consists of one .csv file (data), one .png file (map of the sampling locations) and one .rtf file (readme). The csv file has eight data columns: - Lake - Bubble trap ID - Water depth (m) - Day of year (DOY) - Sampling time (UTC+2) - Deployment period (days) - Flux (mg CH₄/m²/day) - Surface sediment temperature (°C) Please, cite both the dataset itself and the publications by Wik et al. (2013) and Jansen et al. (2020) when using this dataset. The principal investigators (Joachim Jansen and [Patrick Crill]( would also welcome to receive a notification when the data are used in any publication or derivative work. #### Version history ##### Version 2.0 Initial release. ##### Version 1.0 Not published. Used in the Wik et al. (2013) paper and has fewer years (2010⁠ – ⁠2014).