[{"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org\/","@type":"Dataset","name":"Deglaciation pattern and chronology for the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet","description":"A reconstruction of the deglaciation of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet, in the form of calendar-year time-slices, which are useful for ice sheet modelling, is compiled and synthesized from published geomorphological data for eskers, ice-marginal formations, lineations, marginal meltwater channels, striae, ice-dammed lakes, and geochronological data from radiocarbon, varve, optically-stimulated luminescence, and cosmogenic nuclide dating. This is summarized as a deglaciation map of the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet with isochrons marking every 1000 years between 22 and 13 cal kyr BP and every hundred years between 11.6 and final ice decay after 9.7 cal kyr BP.","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/?n=stroeven-2016","keywords":["Terrestrial","Landforms","Fennoscandian Ice Sheet","Deglaciation","Glacial geomorphology","Geochronology","Ice sheet dynamics","Earth science > Land surface > Geomorphic landforms\/processes > Glacial landforms"],"creator":{"@type":"Person","name":"Arjen Stroeven"},"citation":"Arjen P. Stroeven, Clas H\u00e4ttestrand, Johan Kleman, Jakob Heyman, Derek Fabel, Ola Fredin, Bradley W. Goodfellow, Jonathan M. Harbor, John D. Jansen, Lars Olsen, Marc W. Caffee, David Fink, Jan Lundqvist, Gunhild C. Rosqvist, Bo Str\u00f6mberg, Krister N. Jansson (2016). Deglaciation of Fennoscandia, Quaternary Science Reviews, 147: 91-121. DOI: 10.1016\/j.quascirev.2015.09.016","includedInDataCatalog":{"@type":"DataCatalog","name":"Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University","identifier":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/"},"distribution":null,"temporalCoverage":"\/"}]