[{"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org\/","@type":"Dataset","name":"Weather data from the MISU weather station during the SWERUS-C3 Arctic Ocean expedition in 2014","description":"Measurements of near-surface wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, shortwave and longwave downwelling radiation, and surface temperature (determined from infrared measurement) from the Eastern Arctic Ocean in July to October 2014.\u00a0\r\n\r\nThe dataset provides rare high quality meteorological observations from sea-ice regions of the Arctic Ocean. They enable analysis of meteorological conditions and provide context for other measurements and analysis associated with the expedition.\u00a0\r\n\r\nMeasurements are from the MISU weather station installed on icebreaker Oden\u2019s 7th deck at 25 m above sea level during the SWERUS-C3 expedition to the Arctic Ocean. Additional measurements of temperature and humidity were also made on Oden\u2019s foremast at 20 m above sea level. These data were processed as part of the Arctic Clouds in Summer Experiment (ACSE).","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/?n=swerus-2014-misu-weather-3","keywords":["Atmosphere","Weather observations","Weather station","Meteorology","Arctic boundary layer","Arctic clouds","High Arctic","Arctic Ocean","Laptev Sea","Chukchi Sea","East Siberian Sea","Kara Sea","SWERUS-C3","ACSE","Oden","Earth science > Atmosphere"],"creator":{"@type":"Person","name":"John Prytherch, Michael Tjernstr\u00f6m"},"citation":"Tjernstr\u00f6m, M., Achtert, P., Shupe, M. D., Prytherch, J., Sedlar, J., Brooks, B. J., Brooks, I. M., Persson, P. O. G., Sotiropoulou, G., Salisbury, D. J. (2019). Arctic summer air-mass transformation, surface inversions and the surface energy budget. Journal of Climate: 32, 769\u2013789. doi:10.1175\/JCLI-D-18-0216.1\r\n\r\nSotiropoulou, G., Tjernstr\u00f6m, M., Savre, J., Ekman, A. M. L., Hartung, K., and Sedlar, J. (2018). Warm-air advection and air-mass transformation over melting sea ice in the summer Arctic. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society: 144, 2449\u20132462. doi:10.1002\/qj.3316\r\n\r\nPrytherch, J., Brooks, I. M., Crill, P. M., Thornton, B. F., Salisbury, D. J., Tjernstr\u00f6m, M., Anderson, L. G., Geibel, M. C., Humborg, C. (2017): Direct determination of the air-sea CO2 gas transfer velocity in Arctic sea-ice regions. Geophys. Res. Lett., 44. doi:10.1002\/2017GL073593\r\n\r\nSotiropoulou, G., Tjernstr\u00f6m, M., Sedlar, J., Achtert, P., Brooks, B. J., Brooks, I. M., Persson, P. O. G., Prytherch, J., Salisbury, D. J., Shupe, M. D., Johnston, P. E., Wolfe, D. (2016): Atmospheric conditions during the Arctic Clouds in Summer Experiment (ACSE): Contrasting open-water and sea-ice surfaces during melt and freeze-up seasons. J. Clim., 29, 8721\u2013 8744. doi:10.1175\/JCLI-D-16-0211.1\r\n\r\nAchtert, P., Brooks, I. M., Brooks, B. J., Prytherch, J., Persson, P. O. G., Tjernstr\u00f6m, M. (2015): Measurement of wind profiles over the Arctic Ocean from ship-borne Doppler lidar. Atmos. Meas. Tech. 8, 4993-5007. doi:10.5194\/amt-8-4993-2015\r\n\r\nTjernstr\u00f6m, M., Shupe, M. D., Brooks, I. M., Persson, P. O. G., Prytherch, J., Salisbury, D. J., Sedlar, J., Achtert, P., Brooks, B. J., Johnston, P. E, Sotiropoulou, G., Wolfe, D. (2015): Warm-air advection, air mass transformation and fog causes rapid ice melt. Geophys. Res. Lett., 42. doi:10.1002\/2015GL064373","includedInDataCatalog":{"@type":"DataCatalog","name":"Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University","identifier":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/"},"distribution":"uploads\/prytherch-2020-8.zip","temporalCoverage":"2014-07-04\/2014-07-04"}]