[{"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org\/","@type":"Dataset","name":"Atmospheric methane and carbon dioxide and surface water methane from the SWERUS-C3 Arctic Ocean expedition in 2014, leg 1","description":"Atmospheric observations of CH\u2084 and CO\u2082 above the Eastern Arctic Ocean, and dissolved CH\u2084 in surface waters of the Eastern Arctic Ocean in July and August 2014.\r\n\r\nThis dataset provides rare measurements of CH\u2084 and CO\u2082 in the near-sea surface atmosphere above the Eastern Arctic Ocean and its marginal seas. These measurements are needed for Arctic carbon cycle studies and understanding emissions of CH\u2084 from marine sources in the Arctic.\r\n\r\nMeasurements were made onboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden during leg 1 of the SWERUS-C3 expedition to the Arctic Ocean.","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/thornton-2016","keywords":["Atmosphere","Arctic carbon","Arctic Ocean","Greenhouse gas","Surface water","Methane","Carbon dioxide","SWERUS-C3 expedition","Icebreaker Oden","Laptev Sea","East Siberian Sea","Chukchi Sea","Earth science > Atmosphere > Atmospheric chemistry > Carbon and hydrocarbon compounds"],"creator":{"@type":"Person","name":"Brett Thornton, Marc Geibel, Patrick Crill, Christoph Humborg"},"citation":"Thornton BF, Geibel MC, Crill PM, Humborg C, M\u00f6rth C\u2010M (2016). Methane fluxes from the sea to the atmosphere across the Siberian shelf seas. Geophys. Res. Lett. 43, 5869\u2060\u200a\u2013\u200a5877, doi:10.1002\/2016GL068977","includedInDataCatalog":{"@type":"DataCatalog","name":"Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University","identifier":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/","url":"http:\/\/bolin.su.se\/data\/"},"distribution":"data\/Thornton-2016.zip","temporalCoverage":"2014-07-08\/2014-07-08"}]