Birgit Wild, Örjan Gustafsson Content of carbon isotopes (¹³C and ¹⁴C) in organic carbon pools in terrestrial Siberia Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University 2019 Datafile Terrestrial Arctic carbon Permafrost Peat Thermokarst Active layer Siberia Earth science > Land surface > Soils > Carbon Birgit Wild 2019-05-06T13:48:10+00:00 English 1.0 None, but please cite Wild et al. (2019) The dataset consists of one xlsx file with four sheets, listing (1) ¹³C and ¹⁴C data of litter and organic layers in northern Russia, Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska; (2) ¹³C and ¹⁴C data of mineral active layers and non-permafrost soils in Siberia; (3) ¹⁴C data of exposures of Holocene peat and thermokarst deposits in Siberia; and (4) ¹⁴C of exposures of Ice Complex deposits in Siberia, including coordinates of sampling sites and references to original publications. This dataset has been used to quantify the contribution of carbon from different terrestrial sources to dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the large Siberian rivers Ob, Yenisey, Lena and Kolyma. To achieve this, we have complemented publicly available long-term monitoring data with a new literature compilation in a statistical approach. The related monitoring dataset with concentrations of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the Ob, Yenisey, Lena and Kolyma as well as their ¹³C and ¹⁴C contents is found under 'Water Quality' at: <a href=""></a>.</p> <p> Link to MATLAB code for statistical source apportionment: <a href=""></a>.