Julika Zinke, Matthew Salter, Paul Zieger, E. Douglas Nilsson Laboratory data on the effect of salinity and temperature on sea spray aerosol production Bolin Centre Database 2021 Datafile Atmosphere Aerosols Sea spray production Salinity Temperature Surface bubble spectra Earth science > Atmosphere > Aerosols Julika Zinke 2021-10-07T14:00:09+00:00 English 1 The dataset includes six xlsx spreadsheet files: ##### Salinity experiments The file *salinity-experiments.xlsx* contains two worksheets for the two sets of salinity experiments. The size distributions, that were measured with a differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS) and optical particle size spectrometer (OPSS), were combined at 500 nm and averaged for each salinity, and are given in the form dN/dlogDp. ##### Bubble density The file *bubble-density.xlsx* provides averaged bubble densities in the field of view at each salinity. ##### Temperature ramps at distinct salinities The file *temperature-ramps.xlsx* contains four work sheets with averaged particle size distributions (in the form dN/dlogDp) for the temperature ramps at the salinities 35 g/kg , 17 g/kg and 6 g/kg (the temperature ramp at salinity 35 g/kg was repeated). The measured diameters are dry diameters and were shape corrected using a dynamic shape factor calculated according to Zieger et al. (2017). ##### Raw data The files *DMPS_data_raw.xlsx* and *OPSS_data_raw.xlsx* contain each two work sheets with the raw data over the entire periods of both sets of experiments (in the form dN/dlogDp), that were measured by the differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS) and optical particle size spectrometer (OPSS). The time frames of each experiment are given in the file *time_frames.xlsx*. Size-resolved particle concentrations were measured with a custom-built differential mobility particle sizer that measures particles with diameter 15 nm < Dp < 900 nm and an optical particle size spectrometer that measures particles 300 nm < Dp < 10 μm. These size distributions were combined at a diameter of 500 nm. Additionally, the total number concentration was measured with a condensation particle counter. The bubble size distribution at the water surface was determined photographically.