[{"title":"Laboratory data on the effect of salinity and temperature on sea spray aerosol production","summary":"This dataset was created in a series of laboratory experiments to investigate the role of salinity and temperature on aerosol production and surface bubble spectra.\r\n\r\nSea spray aerosols were generated from artificial seawater in a temperature-controlled sea spray generation chamber using a plunging jet. The aerosol and surface bubble size distributions were monitored while the salinity was decreased from 35 to 0 g\/kg (at a constant temperature T = 20 \u00b0C). This experiment was repeated at a higher salinity resolution in the range 10\u2060\u200a\u2013\u200a\u20605 g\/kg where significant impacts of changing salinity on the aerosol and bubbles were expected.\r\n\r\nAdditionally, three temperature ramps were conducted at a range of salinities representative of the global average oceanic salinity as well as lower salinity waters such as the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, where the water temperature was slowly decreased from 30 to 0 \u00b0C.","citations":"Zinke J, Nilsson ED, Zieger P, Salter ME (2021) The effect of seawater salinity and seawater temperature on sea salt aerosol production. Submitted to JGR Atmospheres\r\n\r\nZieger P, V\u00e4is\u00e4nen O, Corbin J, Partridge DG, Bastelberger S, Mousavi-Fard M, Rosati B, Gysel M, Krieger UK, Leck C, Nenes A, Riipinen I, Virtanen A, Salter ME (2017) Revising the hygroscopicity of inorganic sea salt particles. Nature Communications 8:15883. doi:10.1038\/ncomms15883","comments":"Size-resolved particle concentrations were measured with a custom-built differential mobility particle sizer (DMPS) that measures particles with diameter 15 nm < Dp < 900 nm and an optical particle size spectrometer (OPSS) that measures particles 300 nm < Dp < 10 \u03bcm. These size distributions were combined at a diameter of 350 nm. Additionally, the total number concentration was measured with a condensation particle counter.\r\n\r\nThe bubble size distribution at the water surface was determined photographically.\r\n\r\n#### Version history\r\n\r\n##### Version 3\r\nThe files *salinity-experiments.xlsx* and *temperature-ramps.xlsx* have been updated. We have now loss-corrected the entire size distribution resulting from the combination of DMPS and OPSS data.\r\n\r\n##### Version 2\r\nThe files *salinity-experiments.xlsx* and *temperature-ramps.xlsx* have been updated. The size distribution measured from the DMPS was loss-corrected for particle-sizes < 100 nm where density effects are negligible. Furthermore, we have corrected the data for an offset in the OPSS calibration between the experiments. Lastly, the size distribution of the DMPS and OPSS were combined at 350 nm instead of 500 nm to avoid multiple charging effects in the DMPS that can occur at particle sizes around 500 nm.\r\n\r\n##### Version 1\r\nInitial release.\r\n\r\n","category":"Atmosphere","subcategory":"Aerosols","keywords":"Sea spray production; Salinity; Temperature; Surface bubble spectra","scientist":"Julika Zinke, Matthew Salter, Paul Zieger, E. Douglas Nilsson","firstname":"Julika","lastname":"Zinke","address":"Department of Environmental Science (ACES); Stockholm University","postalcode":"SE-106 91 ","city":"Stockholm","province":"","country":"Sweden","parameters":"Earth science > Atmosphere > Aerosols","location":"Continent","progress":"Completed","language":"English","project":"This work was supported by the Swedish Research Council (VR): 'Characterising properties of Climate Relevant Organic and Inorganic Sea-Spray-aerosols, Sources and Air-sea exchange causing their Net-emission' (CROISSANT, project no. 2018-04255), as well as several previous VR-grants that has financed the sea spray simulation tank with its aerosol and water instrumentation. In addition we wish to express our gratitude to the Bolin Climate Centre for supporting part of the aerosol instrumentation. Paul Zieger was supported by the Vetenskapsr\u00e5det starting grant, project no. 2018-05045 and Matthew E. Salter was supported by Vetenskapsr\u00e5det project no. 2016-05100.","publisher":"Bolin Centre Database","version":"3","constrains":"","access":""}]