Global weather forecast data with model EC-Earth — ensemble dataset for historical and future conditions

Due to a chaotic nature of the atmosphere, all weather forecasts are uncertain. The degree of uncertainty differs depending on weather situation, season and geographical location and is also dependent on characteristics of the forecast model. Data from this study shows that global warming can significantly change the uncertainty of weather forecasts. Surface air temperature and air pressure become easier to predict in a warmer climate, whereas precipitation gets harder to predict. Figures from Scher and Messori (2019).

Download data

You can download all files automatically using the software wget and the following single command.

wget -i

You may need to download the software wget.

The command uses wget to download all files specified in a file list. A list of all files is available at

Because of the large data volume (8.1 TiB, 153,404 files), downloading all files can take can take long time and requires sufficent disk space on your system.

To download a selected subset, you can edit the file list and run wget with your revised list. Alternatively, you can select files for download in the file list below.

Data files

Click on the categories below to view the files. Click on the download button to download the files shown in the list. Depending on your connection speed it may take considerable time to download the data since it is rather big. Thus, it is not recommended to use the web browser to download more than one year (366 files) per batch. Please use wget to download larger batches, as described above.