We are very proud to announce that Dr. Thomas Cronin, U.S. Geological Survey and Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service is invited to give this years Bert Bolin Climate Lecture on the 18 May.

Biological response to climate change: What would Bolin say?

Time:  18 May 2016, 14h00
Venue:  Aula Magna, Stockholm University
Speaker: Dr. Thomas Cronin, U.S. Geological Survey and Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service 

The lecture will be given in English

Coffee and refreshments will be served after the lecture.
More information about the lecture at www.science.su.se

Photo: Helen Coxall

Over geological history, large-scale climate changes have subjected species and ecosystems to numerous challenges from variability in temperature, sea level, pH, and biogeochemical at scales unknown in human history.

The lecture will deal with Geology's record of biological response to climate change and explain how it provides unique, under-appreciated and often misunderstood insights into today's biological systems.


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