2018 FEB 21 | RA5 Seminar with Antonio Martínez Cortizas

Welcome to the second seminar in the Bolin Centre Seminar Series!

The host is Research Area 5: Historical to millennial climate variability

Climates hidden in Peat

Speaker: Professor Antonio Martínez Cortizas, Department of Edaphic and Chemical Agronomy, University of Santiago de la Compostela
Time: February 21 at 11h15–12h15
Place: Högbomsalen, Geoscience Building

The lectures will usually be streamed and saved on the Bolin Centre website.

For more than a century peatlands have been widely used as archives of environmental change. Peat records of biotic (as pollen, diatoms, testate amoebas, plant and animal remains) and abiotic (lithogenic elements, trace metals, isotopes, etc.) proxies has enabled the reconstruction of changes in vegetation, soil erosion, atmospheric pollution and climate, at local and regional scales. At the same time, they are amongst the most sensitive and responsive ecosystems to climate changes, expressed as modifications in surface vegetation, peat organic matter decomposition, ability to bind/sequester chemical elements, and so forth. 

Through three case studies, this talk will exemplify this ambivalent potential of the use peat records: how can we extract climatic signals from peat (using unusual and usual peat properties), and how this signal helps us to understand the role of climate on the biogechemical cycling of atmospheric deposited elements.

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