FEB 20 | RA5 – Seminar with Frederik Schenk

Welcome to the first seminar in the Bolin Centre Seminar Series!

The host is Research Area 5: Historical to millennial climate variability

A late-glacial climate perspective on extreme European summers like 2018

Speaker: Frederik Schenk, Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University
Time: February 20 at 13h00–14h00
Place: Ahlmannsalen, Geoscience Building

Since the 1980s, years with major European heatwaves coincide with a “warming hole” of unusually cold North Atlantic sea-surface-temperatures (SST) around the subpolar gyre southeast of Greenland. The observed “warming hole” relative to global warming trends results from a particular SST fingerprint related to a ~15% slowdown of the Atlantic Overturning Circulation (AMOC) since the middle of the 20th century. Climate models reproduce a similar SST fingerprint in response to a slowdown of the AMOC under future warming scenarios.

In this presentation, I will show that this SST fingerprint was also present during extreme cases of an abrupt slowdown of the AMOC during the rapid warming phase at the end of the late glacial (~15–11ka BP). The atmospheric response to the “warming hole” suggests an intensification of blocking high pressure systems over the NE-Atlantic during summer giving rise to unusually warm and dry conditions across Europe. The extreme late-glacial summer conditions find support in new multi-proxy data which indicate extended paleo-heatwaves and droughts during weak AMOC states.

Fika will be served afterwards


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