Aerosol alteration of Atlantic storms

The Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University, invites you
to attend a public science seminar with a short introduction followed by a discussion.

Introduction: Leonard Barrie
Director for Research, Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Professor for Climate and Atmospheric Science, Stockholm University
  Rodrigo Caballero
Professor at the Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University
Time:  3 September 2013, 15:00–17:00
Venue:  De Geersalen, Geoscience Building, Stockholm University
Abstract: Atmospheric aerosols affect climate by scattering and absorbing sunlight and by modifying clouds. Model simulations published in a fresh paper in Nature Geoscience suggest that anthropogenic aerosols suppressed tropical storm activity over the Atlantic throughout much of the twentieth century.
This link between Atlantic tropical cyclones and anthropogenic aerosols in the north atlantic is an important cross-over between the science of aerosol, clouds and dynamics and will benefit greatly from a good two hour discussion with many experts from these disciplines.
Host:  Professor Leonard Barrie, Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University
Tropical Storm

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