The Status of Planetary Life Support Systems:
Climate and the Earth System

The Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University, invites you to attend a public science forum involving presentations by three climate and atmospheric science Professors recently honoured by Stockholm University and a subsequent moderated discussion.

Taking climate in its broadest context, the focus is on the »planetary life-support systems« that were identified by an international expert group meeting in Stockholm in 2009. These include climate, aerosols, stratospheric ozone, air quality, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles, fresh water, land use, ocean acidification and biodiversity.

Time:  25 September 2013, 14:00–16:00
Venue:  Högbomsalen, Geoscience Building, Stockholm University
14:00–15:00 Scientific Presentations
Chair: Professor Michael Tjernström
  Atmospheric pollution in a climate change context
Øystein Hov
Director of Research, Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo
Honorary Doctorate Stockholm University

The role of clouds in present and future climates
Jón Egill Kristjánsson
Professor of Meteorology, Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo
Honorary Doctorate Stockholm University

The Changing Arctic: Threat and Opportunity!
Leonard Barrie
Director for Research, Bolin Centre for Climate Research
Professor for Climate and Atmospheric Science, Stockholm University
15:00–16:00 The status of planetary life-support systems related to cllimate
Moderator: Professor H.C Hansson
Panel: Øystein Hov, Jón Egill Kristjánsson, Leonard Barrie, Cynthia de Wit, Kevin Noone (TBC)

Introduction of planetary life-support systems by moderator H.C Hansson

Statement on status of ocean acidification and the planetary fresh water support system by Kevin Noone

Statement on status of ecosystem vulnerability to persistent organic compounds by Cynthia de Wit


Open Discussion 45 min

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