A Smart Carbon Tax for a Stable Climate

Public debate
Stockholm University invites you to participate in a public debate about the economic incentives for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.

Since the IPCC report in Stockholm September 2013, there has been growing acceptance worldwide of the need to control emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Various economic strategies are currently being considered by many constituencies in Sweden and internationally.

The goal of this forum is to discuss how research results can be channelled into policy. The Citizens’ Climate Lobby, CCL, will present their strategy »Fee and Dividend« commented by macro-economists from the Institute for International Economic Studies of Stockholm University. Discussions with the audience moderated by the Bolin Centre Director for Research will then follow.


Time: 27 November 2014, 13.00–14.30
Venue: Ahlmannsalen, Geoscience Building, Stockholm University
Bolin Centre for Climate Research,
Stockholm University

Leonard Barrie, Professor for Climate and Atmospheric Science

Klimatsvaret – CCL
Citizens’ Climate Lobby of Sweden

Lars Almström, former teacher
Ingela Bollgren Hjertqvist, medical doctor, MD
Ann Helleday, psychologist
Matts Hjerqvist, dentist
Sven Linnman, electronic engineer

Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University
John Hassler, Professor of Economics
Per Krusell, Professor of Economics

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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