2017 APR 19 | RA4 Seminar with Mathias Goeckede

Welcome to the third seminar in the new Bolin Centre Seminar Series!
The series aims to provide an opportunity to learn about current research topics in the individual research areas of the Bolin Centre and to bring researchers together on a regular basis. We strive to trigger lively discussions and to facilitate both internal and external collaborations.

The host this time is Research Area 4 – Biogeo-chemical cycles and climate

"Arctic permafrost ecosystems – Linking observational studies, land surface modeling and atmospheric simulations to gain new insights"

Speaker: Dr. Mathias Goeckede, Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany
Time: Wednesday, April 19 at 10h00–11h00
Place: Ahlmannsalen, Geoscience Building

The Arctic permafrost carbon pool is of paramount importance for the global climate system, since high-latitude ecosystems are predicted to be exposed to higher-than-average warming in the future. It does also contain an enormous carbon pool that may lead to a strong positive feedback with climate change. The magnitude of this feedback is still highly uncertain because of the significant gaps in our understanding of physical and biogeochemical processes in permafrost regions. This also is reflected in the over-simplified implementation of permafrost ecosystems in global climate models, leading to poor performances of these models in high latitude regions.

Here, we present results from recent experiments in Northeast Siberia that suggest that hydrology, vegetation and soil thermal regimes dominate the carbon and energy exchange patterns. Through integrating these findings into process models we improved the representation of carbon cycle-climate feedbacks in permafrost ecosystems, which contributes to reduce uncertainties in climate forecast scenarios.

Note! The lectures will be streamed and saved on the Bolin Centre website.


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