Welcome to the Bolin Centre Seminar Series!

The host is Research Area 7: Landscape processes and climate

Human-water interactions in changing environments

Speaker: Professor Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Department of  Earth Sciences, Uppsala University
Time: December 3 at 13h00–14h00 | with fika afterwards
Place: Högbomsalen, Geoscience Building

The lectures will usually be streamed and saved on the Bolin Centre website.


In the Anthropocene, humans continuously impact, and respond to, hydrological change. Socio-hydrology has made substantial progress in putting humans into the equation, but novel approaches are required to better integrate qualitative and quantitative information. Power relationships, trust, social stratification, cultural beliefs, and cognitive biases strongly influence the way in which people alter, and adapt to, the hydrological regime. One of the grand challenges is how to capture these key aspects that are typically described in a qualitative way. This requires more engagement with social scientists, and the development of new methods to formulate and test alternative hypotheses about the interplay of water and society.





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