The year without a summer

The Tambora eruption in April 1815 and the “year without a summer” 1816

The Bolin Centre for Climate Research, Stockholm University,
invites you to attend a science seminar by Professor Jürg Luterbacher, Director of the Department of Geography, Justus Liebig University of Giessen, Germany.

Only a few natural events affect humanity at global scale. One of those events was the tropical volcanic eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815. The eruption brought immediate devastation to Sumbawa and the neighboring islands. The impacts were also felt around the world for many months. In North America and Europe, 1816 became known as the “year without a summer”. The consequences of the unsettled cold and wet conditions in western and central Europe, the eastern US and the failure of the Asian monsoon were devastating both economically and socially. The extreme weather led to poor harvests and malnutrition, but also demonstrated the capability of humans to adapt and help others in worse conditions. Although a tragic event – more than 100 000 people died – the eruption also was an “experiment of nature” from which science has learned until today.

Credit: Kaidor, Wikimedia Commons


Speaker: Professor Jürg Luterbacher, Justus Liebig University of Giessen
Time: Friday 2 December, 2016, 9.00–10.00
Place: William-Olsson room, Geoscience Building
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