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Baltic Sea Centre–Bolin Centre lunch-lunch workshop

Dear Bolin Centre Scientists

The Baltic Sea Centre–Bolin Centre workshop next week has been relocated to Frescati due to unfortunate circumstances. 

As it is a much more convenient location for the usually busy scientist, you may be interested to attend, and registration is open until 10.30 tomorrow.

Please do the following

Send me an email (karin.jonsell[at] if would like to participate in this workshop with information about 
• Title of 10 min talk
  o If you would like to have dinner on Thursday 28/1
  o If you would like to eat lunch on Friday 29/1
  Any dietary needs
• Deadline Friday 22 January at 10:30 = TOMORROW
• Prepare a 10 min talk


The Baltic Sea Centre’s major aim is to highlight and strengthen the marine research and education available at the Stockholm University and the Bolin Centre for Climate Research is addressing climate change issues on a global to regional scale. The idea of a meeting between the two Centers is to elaborate on common research questions such as: How will climate change and changes in human lifestyles affect the Baltic Sea environment, ecosystems and resources; What can we learn about climate and Earth system processes in general from the natural laboratory that is the Baltic Sea?

Stockholm University will get a new research vessel during summer 2016 equipped with high-end research equipment for oceanographic (biological, chemical, physical) and geophysical research. This research vessel constitutes a new research platform for scientists allowing for in-shore and off-shore research cruises and the Bolin Centre researchers are prominent future users. Thus, a further discussion issue during the meeting will be how we can make maximum use of it. Could the new research vessel in combination with the Askö field station develop into a marine and atmospheric observatory?

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Thursday, January 28
Landsort room, Baltic Sea Centre, 5th floor in the new NPQ-house (close to the Arrhenius Laboaratory), Stockholm University

13.00 Welcome to the workshop Christoph Humborg & Alasdair Skelton
13.00 Robinson Hordoir | Changes in the Overturning Circulation of the Baltic Sea Towards the End of th 21st Century
13.15 Jonas Nycander | Physical oceanography of the Baltic Sea
13.30 Alexander Sokolov | Modelling of river plume dynamics in Öre estuary during 2015 field campaign
13.45 Volker Brüchert | Sediment-water and sea-air exchange of methane in near-shore environments of the Baltic Sea
14.00 Jayne Rattray | Application of lipid biomarkers as tracers for microbial processes
14.15 Rienk Smittenberg | Application of lipid biomarker analysis of sedimentary records: reconstruction of redox conditions, eutrophication, carbon dynamics, paleoclimate and paleohydrology
14.30 Bo Gustafsson | Cycling of Fe, P, and S under oxic/anoxic/euxinic conditions
14.45 Erik Gustafsson | Carbon cycling in the Baltic Sea – process studies using the BALTSEM model
15.00 Fika & poster viewing
15.30 Sara Cousins | Landscape effects in the Stockholm archipelago and it’s effect on biodiversity
15.45 Bärbel Müller-Karulis | Eastern Baltic cod reproduction – eutrophication effects in future and present climate
16.00 Oleg Savchuk | Cross-validation of remotely-sensed vs. BALTSEM-simulated phenological changes of the Baltic ecosystem
16.15 Maciej Tomczak | Climate impact on Fish stocks in the Baltic sea – results from Ecosupport
16.30 Thomas Andrén | Paleooceanographic Baltic Sea research at Södertörn University
16.45 Xiaole Sun | Temporal and Spatial variations of rock weathering in the Baltic Sea catchment
17.00 Sarah Greenwood | Deciphering ice sheet dynamics and retreat mechanisms: the Bothnian Sea Ice Stream
17.15 Martin Jakobsson | Can ground water explain mysterious seafloor features in the Baltic?
17.30 Depart from University
18.00 Dinner at Restaurang Cypern, Valhallavägen 50, Stockholm, see

Friday, January 29
Landsort room, Baltic Sea Centre, 5th floor in the new NPQ-house (close to the Arrhenius Laboaratory), Stockholm University

9.00 Richard Gyllencreutz | Baltic Sea history at Askö - outreach project for gymnasium schools
9.15 Anders Moberg | Bolin Centre Database
9.30 NNN Baltic Sea Database
9.45 Nina Kirchner & Jakob Kuttenkeuler | Autonomous Underwater Platforms: From idea to development, testing and application
10.00 Barbara Deutsch | The Askö Laboratory
10.30 Fika
11.00 Martin Jakobsson, Marc Geibe and Christoph Humborg | The new research vessel
11.30 Christoph Humborg | Baltic Sea Centre and funding opportunities
12.00 Alasdair Skelton | Bolin Centre and funding opportunities
12.30 Lunch at the Faculty Club

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