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Mini-workshop | Compound-specific isotope analysis at SU

Compound-specific isotope analysis at SU: novel contributions and new opportunities

March 18, 2016, Nordenskiöldsalen
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9.00 Welcome
9.20 Presentations of recent and ongoing projects:
Disentangling climate-carbon links in the Arctic: δ2Η, δ13C and Δ14C of organic carbon, terrestrial biomarkers and methane from thawing permafrost (Örjan Gustafsson, ACESb)
Light on past climate in Asia, Sweden and the Southern Ocean: δ2H and δ13C in n-alkanes and n-alkanoic acids (Rienk Smittenberg and colleagues, IGV)
Paleoclimate in S. Africa and Greece: δ2Η and δ13C in n-alkane paleoclimate markers (Elin Norström, ING, IGV)
Deciphering trophic studies: δ13C and δ15N in amino acids (Monika Winder, EMB)
Tracing the formation of the neurotoxin BMAA: δ2Η in amino acids (Leopold Ilag, Analytical Chemistry, ACESk)
12.00 Lunch – sandwiches (moving to U36)
On the culinary arts of the past: δ13C in fatty acids from archaeological samples (Sven Isaksson, ArkLab)
Source fingerprinting climate- and health-affecting aerosols: δ13C and Δ14C of black carbon and molecular markers in the atmosphere (August Andersson, ACESb)
Pinpointing sources and environmental degradation of organic solvents and other halogenated pollutants: δ13C/δ37Cl/δ81Br-CSIA (Henry Holmstrand, ACESb and Delta Facility)
Coffee break
14.30 Discussion: outlook and future developments
New methods (combustion markers, lignin oxidation products, contaminants)
The Delta Facility: revised working model to provide more of a ready-to-go package for e.g. amino acids and lipids – what do users want?
• Local: increase instrument capacity (e.g. VR infrastructure proposal or larger user group both internal and external to SU)
• External: collaboration with Vega Center for CSIA of organometals and organohalogens
• External: collaboration with Uppsala University for CSRA


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