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Open forum | The merging of EkoKlim and the Bolin Centre

A New Bolin Centre You are very welcome to an open forum about the merging of EkoKlim and the Bolin Centre

The research environment EkoKlim at Stockholm University and the Bolin Centre for Climate for Climate Research have agreed to merge and form an extended centre for climate research. The centre will focus on extending and disseminating knowledge about the Earth’s natural climate system, climate variations, climate impacting processes, climate modelling, human impact on the climate and climate impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity and human conditions as well as how society can minimize negative impacts through responsible management.

The widened centre will keep the structure of the Bolin Centre, but extended with two new research areas probably focusing on landscape, biodiversity and social impacts. The Bolin Centre welcomes everyone interested in any aspect of climate related research and who are affiliated to, or work closely with, one of the Bolin Centre partners (Stockholm University, KTH and SMHI). The process of merging, names and specific focus of the new research areas and practical issues of how to join the centre will be presented at the open forum.

Wednesday 21 September
G-salen, Arrhenius Laboratory, Stockholm University

13.00–13.05 | Welcome to the Open Forum Alasdair – Skelton & Nina Kirchner

13.05–13.15 | Background and Process of the EkoKlim-Bolin Centre Merge – Cynthia de Wit & Sören Nylin

13.15–13.25 | The new Bolin Centre – Alasdair Skelton & Nina Kirchner

13.25–13.30 | RA 1: Oceans-Atmosphere Dynamics and Climate – Agatha de Boer, Rodrigo Caballero & Johan Nilsson

13:30–13:35 | RA 2: Clouds, Aerosols, Turbulence and Climate – Annica Ekman & Ilona Riipinen

13.35–13.40 | RA 3: Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate – Margaretha Hansson, Jerker Jarsjö & Magnus Mörth

13.40–13.45 | RA 4: Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate – Christian Beer, Volker Brüchert & Örjan Gustafsson

13.45–13.50 | RA 5: Historical to Millennial Climate Variability – Malin Kylander & Qiong Zhang

13.50–13.55 | RA 6: Deep Time Climate Variability – Helen Coxall & Margret Steinthorsdottir

13.55–14.05 | RA 7: Landscape Processes and Climate  Kristoffer Hylander, Zahra Kalantari & Regina Lindborg

14.05–14.15 | RA 8: Biodiversity and Climate  Sara Cousins, Johan Ehrlén & Karl Gotthard

14.15–14.20 | Bolin Centre Climate Research School – HC Hansson & Björn Gunnarson

14.20–14.25 | Bolin Centre Database – Anders Moberg

14.25–14.30 | Bolin Centre modelling coordination – Rodrigo Caballero & Kristofer Döös

14.30–14.35 | Communication, Coordination and Practical Issues – Karin Jonsell

14.35–14.40 | Bolin Centre Mentor Programme – Agatha de Boer & Malin Kylander

14.40–15.30 | Questions, Fika & Mingle

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