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Bolin Centre Seminar | RA3 and RA7

Bolin Centre Seminars 
Research area 3 and Research Area 7

The value of multiple dataset calibration in hydrological modelling and its implication for hydropower production

Speaker: David C. Finger, Reykjavík University, Iceland
Time: Thursday 26 October, 12h15–13h15
Place: Tarfala room, Geoscience building

David C. Finger, Reykjavík University, Iceland


I will present case studies from Switzerland and Iceland and show how multiple datasets (e.g. discharge, snow cover images and glacier mass balances) can increase the consistency performance of hydrological models independently of model complexity. I will then show how the advantages of multiple dataset calibration can provide valuable results for hydropower operators. I will conclude the talk by demonstrating that the calibration method can also be used in ungauged areas and open new opportunities for water management in remote areas with limited data availability.




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