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Bolin Centre RA seminar series

Welcome to the eighth seminar in the new Bolin Centre Seminar Series!
The series aims to provide an opportunity to learn about current research topics in the individual research areas of the Bolin Centre and to bring researchers together on a regular basis. We strive to trigger lively discussions and to facilitate both internal and external collaborations.

The host this time is Research Area 8  Biodiversity and climate

Long-term biodiversity-climate disequilibria – a macroecological perspective

Speaker: Prof. Jens-Christian Svenning, VILLUM Investigator, Carlsberg Foundation “Semper Ardens” Researcher, Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity, Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University, Denmark
Time: December 4 at 13h00
Place: Ahlmannsalen

Earth’s climate has varied dramatically in the past, within ongoing cooling during the last 30 million and strong glacial-interglacial oscillations across the Quaternary (last 2.6 million years) having had strong impacts on biodiversity, e.g., regional extinctions and range shifts. A key question is whether species distributions and local species diversity (s.l.) have been able to track these changes to remain in equilibrium in climate or, if not, how widespread across space and time disequilibrium dynamics have been. Our macroecological work show that long-term (10^4 year or more) climatic disequilibria are widespread across regions and organism groups not only in species distributions and richness, but also sometimes penetrating to functional diversity and ecosystem functioning. These results suggest that we must expect strongly disequilibrial diversity responses to ongoing and future anthropogenic climate change.


Note! The lecture will be streamed and you can watch it live here It will also be saved on the Bolin Centre website.



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