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MISU Review Seminar | Roman Bardakov

Sources and sinks of aerosols over the Amazon Basin

by Roman Bardakov, PhD student the Department of Meteorology (MISU)

Time: 3 May 2018, 14h15–14h45
Venue: Rossbysalen C609, Arrhenius Laboratory, 6th floor

Roman Bardakov, PhD student at MISU. Credit: MISU.

Several new observational studies (Andreae et al., 2018) suggest a high (up to 10 000 per squared cm) number concentration of fine-size aerosol particles in the upper troposphere. Such a huge amount cannot be explained with simple transport from boundary layer and is attributed to the process of in-situ formation from gaseous precursors. The elevated amount of larger particles ( > 90 nm) was also observed in the upper troposphere. They consisted mostly of organic matter and nitrate and formed efficient CCN.
These observations can lead to a better understanding of the aerosol burden as well as understand deep convective clouds as transporters of aerosols both upwards and downwards.




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