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Welcome to the 10th Bolin Days!

Welcome to the Bolin Days November 21–22 2018

We are proud to welcome you to the 10th Bolin Days with four cross-disciplinary sessions and invited seminars by the MERGE collaboration and the House of Science. This year the thematic sessions are Arctic Climate, Impacts of extreme weather events & climate change, Climate & environmental change and Climate & biota. The poster sessions are a nice way to form new interesting collaborations and there will be a poster competition for PhD students. The Bolin Centre Database team will be present as well as our modelling coordinators, the Climate Research School, the mentoring scheme organisers, the coordinator for the Bolin Centre Climate Arena and the Bolin Centre booth with give-aways. We also warmly welcome you to participate in the final dinner followed by a ceilidh with live music.

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Information about posters & poster competition

Wednesday, November 21
Nordenskiöld room and foyer, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–10.00 Opening of the 10th Bolin Days | Nina Kirchner
Opening Ceremony | Nina Kirchner
Bert Bolin and the early history of the Bolin Centre | Henning Rodhe
Bolin Centre Database | Anders Moberg
Modelling coordination | Anna Lewinschal
Climate Research School | HC Hansson
Mentoring programme | Agatha de Boer
The Bolin Centre Climate Arena | Elisabeth Däcker

10.00–10.30 Fika
Poster viewing, booths for the Bolin Centre, database, modelling and mentoring programme

10.30–12.30 Arctic climate | Frida Bender & Torben Königk
Arctic warming in EC-Earth Pliocene simulations| Qiong Zhang
Possible reasons behind the interannual to interdecadal variability of Arctic sea ice | Pasha Karami
Dynamics of the North Atlantic – Arctic Ocean connection observed with satellite altimetry | Sara Broomé
Arctic freshwater exports in coupled global models | Ramon Fuentes Franco
How important are marine aerosols for Arctic mixed-phase clouds?| Luisa Ickes
How can an advanced turbulence parametrization improve the description of the atmospheric boundary layer? | Velibor Zeli
The fluctuating world of a tundra predator guild: Bottom-up constraints can overrule top-down effects in winter | Marianne Stoessel
Constraining Arctic CH4 Source Strengths with Ambient Atmospheric Measurements | Patrick Crill

12.30–13.30 Lunch with sandwiches
Poster viewing, booths for the Bolin Centre, database, modelling and mentoring programme

Impacts of extreme weather events & climate change | Arvid Bring & Regina Lindborg
Global climate change and extremes – A general view | Erik Kjellström
Euro-Atlantic storminess since 1850 and under 1.5°C vs 2°C warming scenarios | Frederik Schenk
Temporal and spatial scaling impacts on extreme precipitation | Peter Berg
Global warming changes the difficulty of synoptic weather forecasting | Sebastian Scher
Identifying atmospheric circulation and climate impacts on vegetation in eastern Africa | Ian Brown
Monitoring of forest fire and investigation of post-fire impacts | Malin Norderman
Effects from climate warming, increasing weather variability and land use change on reindeer husbandry in Swedish Sápmi | Ninis Rosqvist

15.30–17.30 PICO Poster Presentations & poster competition | Alasdair Skelton
Refreshments for purchase and Bolin Centre give-aways

Thursday, November 22
Nordenskiöld room and foyer, Geoscience building, Stockholm University

09.00–09.15 Coffee & tea

09.15–09.30 Invited presentation: The House of Science | Charlotte Flodin

09.30–11.30 Climate & environmental change | Gustaf Hugelius & Malin Kylander
Grasslands coming up | Sara Cousins
Drowning a carbon-rich continent under the tropical Sun: A 18,000 year hydroclimate story from the East Indies with global connections | Rienk Smittenberg
Cascading regime shifts within and across scales | Juan Rocha
Northern hemisphere soil carbon stocks from the last glacial maximum to the pre-industrial | Amelie Lindgren
Carbon use efficiency from organisms to ecosystems – A cross-disciplinary synthesis | Stefano Manzoni
Siberian rivers reveal patterns of carbon release from thawing permafrost | Birgit Wild

11.30–12.30 Lunch with sandwiches
Poster viewing, booths for the Bolin Centre, database, modelling and mentoring programme

12.30–13.30 Invited seminar: MERGE (ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system)
Development, modelling and evaluation of climate-vegetation processes in Earth System Models)| Paul Miller
Earth System Model evaluation and development with paleoclimate data | Jesper Sjolte
Past Land-use and land-cover change for palaeoclimate modelling and advanced statistics for model evaluation, simulation set-up and analysis | Marie-José Gaillard
Vegetation, emissions and particles | David Simpson
Conclusions | Paul Miller

13.30–14.00 Fika
Poster viewing, booths for the Bolin Centre, database, modelling and mentoring programme

14.00–16.00 Climate & biota | Helen Coxall & Johan Ehrlén
The biogeography of thermal tolerance in plants | Aelys Huphreys
Vegetation changes during an Early Jurassic global warming event | Sam Slater
Climates and biomes in the Miocene of Anatolia: Insights from the plant fossil record | Thomas Denk
Vegetation feedbacks modulate projections of future climate change Minchao Wu
Long-term shifts in breeding time and performance of Swedish birds in relation to environmental change | Marta Lomas Vega
Responses of 31 major global insect pests to ongoing climate change | Philipp Lehmann
Climate and fishing steer ecosystem regeneration | Thorsten Blenckner

16.00–16.15 Closing remarks | Alasdair Skelton
Presentation of poster competition winners

16.15–17.00 Refreshments

17.00–23.00 Dinner followed by pub and ceilidh with live music


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