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SRC dialogue on the future of the Brazilian Amazon

SRC dialogue on the future of the Brazilian Amazon: Bridging our perspectives

Time: 5 February 2018, 13h00–17h00
Venue: Stockholm Resilience Centre, Lobby

Panel 1: Global implications (1.002.40 pm)
1. via link/video - Carlos Nobre (IEA/USP, INPE): Tipping points and the solution space: a third way for the Brazilian Amazon
2.  Ingo Fetzer (SRC):  Global tipping points
3.  Lan Wang (SRC): The importance of the Amazon to the water cycle
4. Arie Staal (SRC): Amazon tipping


Panel 2: Drivers and social implications (15.0017.00 pm)
1. via link/video - Eduardo Brondizio (Indiana University): Actors perspectives and the invisibility of the urban Amazon
2. Flavio Luiz Mazzaro de Freitas (KHT): Forest code implications on deforestation
3. Ana Paula Aguiar (SRC/INPE): Deforestation and forest degradation scenarios
4. Victor Galaz and Beatrice Crona (SRC): Sleeping Financial Giants: linking the finance sector and deforestation in the Amazon
5. Short videos from researchers from the other countries (to have a glimpse about the challenges for the Amazon basin as a whole)
Final Discussion

And thanks to all the presenters who agreed on contributing so quickly and eagerly!

The situation is quite worrisome
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