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DEEP | Arthur Weis

Switch? – selection on plant phenology through the general, social and internal environments

by Professor Arthur Weis, University of Toronto

Time: 12 September 2019 at 15h00
Place: P216 (see map)
and will be followed by a pub in the lunch room.

The research Arthur Weis’ group focuses on evolutionary responses to climate change. They are currently investigating how global warming will change the growing season and how these changes in the seasonal rhythms will alter the selective regimes acting on the genes that control when, and for how long, plants come into flower. They are also interested in how variation in flowering time induces phenological assortative mating, how the genetic variance for flowering time will be inflated by assortative mating, and how this may accelerate its response to natural selection.

Here you can read more about Art’s research:

Very welcome!


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