Bolinscentrets klimatfestival 21–23 maj!
ACES | Atmospheric research at the top
RA6&RA1 Joint workshop June 7–8, 2018
New Article "Interplay of grounding-line dynamics and sub-shelf melting during retreat of the Bjørnøyrenna Ice Stream"
New Article in Scientific Reports by Kylander et al.
Klimatfortbildning med ljus horisont för lärare
Call for research proposals in RA4 | Deadline May 31 2018
New study by Schenk et al. published in Nature Communications
New study by DEEP researchers
In Swedish | Sarah Greenwood (IGV) "Söker svar om framtiden i forna inlandsisar"
Climate change mitigation project threatens local ecosystem resilience in Ethiopia | New study published in Globle Change Biology
Brøgger seminar series
2018 Crafoord Days 22–24 May
Grasslands on the rise | New Study by researchers at Stockholm University
Seminar | Professor V. (Ram) Ramanathan
2018 Summer School on Arctic Climate | August 27th–31st
RA3 Call for proposals for seed money/pilot projects during 2018
RA Seminar Series | RA4
Sjögräsängar på västkusten är ovanligt bra på att lagra koldioxid | Forskning på DEEP
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RA Seminar Series | RA3
Available positions
RA5-workshop March 20, 2018
New Article in Nature Geoscience | by Helen Coxall et al.
in Swedish | Intervju i Sveriges Natur
What role do ocean margins play in the global carbon cycle? | New study published in Nature Communications
RA Seminar Series | RA1
In Swedish | Seabed 2030: Världens havsbottnar ska kartläggas
IPA-IAL Joint Meeting June 2018
Applications | RA8 Seed money (small grants) for smaller/pilot projects, workshops, equipment, field work, conference participation
Announcement | Master thesis project (60 hp) in Physical Geography and/or Geological Sciences
in Swedish | Torv från Jönköpings län visar hur klimatet var förr
Call for proposals – Deadline: February 28, 2018
New Article in Geophysical Research Letters | Large amounts of mercury in permafrost
in Swedish | Global uppvärmning hotar växter anpassade till svalare temperaturer
RA Seminar Series | RA5
Bolin Centre's history | The founding and early years
KVA Scholarships and grants for researchers
Two legendary climate researchers receive this year’s Crafoord Prize
in Swedish | Människans bruk av mark påverkar klimatet mycket mer än vad man trott
RA Seminar Series | RA2
Workshop 14 February 2018
New Course | BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES - an interdisciplinary master- and graduate course, Spring 2018
February 22 | The Ocean in a +2C world – An analytical perspective
RA8-workshop at Tovetorp February 6–7, 2018
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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