Welcome to the 10th Bolin Days!
The Geoscience and Society Summit 2019
Course on Environmental, climate and sustainability
Welcome to join the Bolin Centre Climate Arena
Bolin Centre 2017 Annual Report
RA Seminar Series | RA7
Threshold Podcast | Impermafrost, focuses on the thawing permafrost
Podcast | Historia Nu 22: Klimatförändringar som förändrat historien
NATURE INDEX | Rising Stars 2018
An impressive series of articles by Bolin Centre scientists
Interviews with Professor Gia Destouni
Nature Communications | Drought reduces blue-water fluxes more strongly than green-water fluxes in Europe
Nature Communications | Tree rings reveal globally coherent signature of cosmogenic radiocarbon events in 774 and 993 CE
P1 radio | Här är partiernas viktigaste klimatförslag
Klimatfestivalen 2018 på UR Samtiden
In Swedish | Premiär för unik forskningsubåt
Expedition explores climate history of remote Arctic islands
Bolins vandringsled på Öland
New Article in Nature
2018 Class of AGU Fellows Announced
Kebnekaise’s south peak will be lower than the north peak in August
Klimathistoriker: Situation vi aldrig upplevt | Intervju med Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist
New Article in Energy Procedia by Stockmann et al.
Baltic Sea Science Congress 2019
2018 Tang Prize
In Swedish |Föreläsningarna från Klimatfestivalen 2018 finns nu på UR Samtiden
Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist appointed Pro Futura Scientia Fellow
Almedalsveckan | If we lose the Arctic, we lose the World – What we must do to fix the climate
IPA-IAL Joint Meeting June 2018
RA6&RA1 Joint workshop June 7–8, 2018
Bolinscentrets klimatfestival 21–23 maj!
ACES | Atmospheric research at the top
New Article "Interplay of grounding-line dynamics and sub-shelf melting during retreat of the Bjørnøyrenna Ice Stream"
New Article in Scientific Reports by Kylander et al.
Klimatfortbildning med ljus horisont för lärare
New study by Schenk et al. published in Nature Communications
New study by DEEP researchers
In Swedish | Sarah Greenwood (IGV) "Söker svar om framtiden i forna inlandsisar"
Climate change mitigation project threatens local ecosystem resilience in Ethiopia | New study published in Globle Change Biology
Brøgger seminar series
2018 Crafoord Days 22–24 May
Grasslands on the rise | New Study by researchers at Stockholm University
Seminar | Professor V. (Ram) Ramanathan
2018 Summer School on Arctic Climate | August 27th–31st
RA3 Call for proposals for seed money/pilot projects during 2018
RA Seminar Series | RA4
Sjögräsängar på västkusten är ovanligt bra på att lagra koldioxid | Forskning på DEEP
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RA Seminar Series | RA3
Available positions
RA5-workshop March 20, 2018
New Article in Nature Geoscience | by Helen Coxall et al.
in Swedish | Intervju i Sveriges Natur
What role do ocean margins play in the global carbon cycle? | New study published in Nature Communications
RA Seminar Series | RA1
In Swedish | Seabed 2030: Världens havsbottnar ska kartläggas
Applications | RA8 Seed money (small grants) for smaller/pilot projects, workshops, equipment, field work, conference participation
Announcement | Master thesis project (60 hp) in Physical Geography and/or Geological Sciences
in Swedish | Torv från Jönköpings län visar hur klimatet var förr
Call for proposals – Deadline: February 28, 2018
New Article in Geophysical Research Letters | Large amounts of mercury in permafrost
in Swedish | Global uppvärmning hotar växter anpassade till svalare temperaturer
RA Seminar Series | RA5
Bolin Centre's history | The founding and early years
KVA Scholarships and grants for researchers
Two legendary climate researchers receive this year’s Crafoord Prize
in Swedish | Människans bruk av mark påverkar klimatet mycket mer än vad man trott
RA Seminar Series | RA2
Workshop 14 February 2018
New Course | BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES - an interdisciplinary master- and graduate course, Spring 2018
February 22 | The Ocean in a +2C world – An analytical perspective
RA8-workshop at Tovetorp February 6–7, 2018
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