News 2015

New Directores for the Bolin Centre starting July 1st 2016 22 December 2015
New article "Structural Channelling of Metamorphic Fluids on Islay, Scotland: Implications for Paleoclimatic Reconstruction" by Alasdair Skelton (IGV) et al. 19 December 2015
Bolin Booth at AGU | The future reseachers 15 December 2015
Investing in young researchers – 29 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows and Ilona Riipinen (ACES) is one of them 05 December 2015
New article "Arsenic stress after the Proterozoic glaciations" by Ernest Chi Fru et al. 04 December 2015
Paper in Science: "Local flow regulation and irrigation raise global human water consumption and footprint" by Jaramillo and Destouni (NG) 04 December 2015
Norwegian Research School on Changing Climates in the coupled Earth SyStem (CHESS) 02 December 2015
New article in Nature Climate Change: "Making methane visible" 02 December 2015
Newsletter #6 26 November 2015
HENNING RODHE | 2015 Volvo Environment Prize laureate 22 October 2015
Volvo Environment Prize laureate 2015 | Henning Rodhe 26 November 2015
Video with IGV's Helen Coxall and IODP Exp. 342 palaeoclimate researchers 24 November 2015
Polar research opportunities in Horizon 2020 28 October 2015
New article in Nature Communications: "Fennoscandian freshwater control on Greenland hydroclimate shifts at the onset of the Younger Dryas" by Francesco Muschitiello (IGV) et al. 18 November 2015
New article in PNAS by Francesco S. R. Pausata: "Impacts of high-latitude volcanic eruptions on ENSO and AMOC" 16 November 2015
Video with Bolin Scientist during Petermann Expedition, Greenland 2015 while mapping the seafloor 23 October 2015
Call for proposals of research focus areas on biogeochemical cycles and climate change 12 November 2015
Interview with Nina Kirschner från NG 12 November 2015
Welcome to the first Baltic Seminar, with focus on excellent marine science 12 November 2015
Congratulations to Alasdair Skelton for FORMAS funds for “tredje uppgiften” 09 November 2015
The Bolin Centre at AGU Fall meeting 2015 20 October 2015
Bolin Days 18-19 November 2015 07 October 2015
Two Bolin Centre members awarded honorary doctorates 24 September 2015
Why was there a Little Ice Age? Quantifying climate forcings and feedbacks in coupled climate simulations of the last millennium | Seminar Friday 11 September, 2015, 14–15 31 August 2015
Workshop RA 1 | "The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a Global Perspective" 26 August 2015
Call for nominations for the Bolin Climate Lecture 2016 24 August 2015
New popular science book: “Den långa medeltiden” 14 August 2015
New article in Nature climate change: "Arctic permafrost: Microbial lid on subsea methane" by Brett Thornton and Patrick Crill, Department of Geological Sciences (IGV) 26 July 2015
Congratulations to Ilona Riipinen | Bolin Centre Theme Leader for Aerosols, Clouds and Turbulence Wins IUGG Award 16 July 2015
Article by Jaramillo and Destouni (NG) | Developing water change spectra and distinguishing change drivers worldwide 25 June 2015
Navarino Environmental Observatory awarded at Ecopolis 2015 12 June 2015
Interruption of the Gulf Stream may lead to large cooling in Europe 08 June 2015
2015 PhD Conference at Askölaboratoriet | 2–5 November 08 June 2015
An Ecohydrology Mini‐Symposium! 05 June 2015
Bolin Center's Director of Research has a Nature paper 05 June 2015
Brett Thornton's (IGV) article "Homely holmium"in Nature Chemistry 25 May 2015
Fieldwork blog from southern Africa 21 May 2015
Brøgger and Bolin symposium | Orogenesis and climate: Case studies from the Southern Alps of New Zealand 12 May 2015
Symposium on the Social Cost of Carbon • Call for registration and student/postdoc presentations 05 May 2015
Article in Dagens Nyheter about Stockholm city's air polution 02 May 2015
Lecture by Geoff Vallis “Theory of the deep ocean circulation and draw-down of CO2 at the Last Glacial Maximum” 29 April 2015
Lecture by Ulf Büntgen “Frontiers in tree-ring research” 22 April 2015
Paper published in Nature by Bolin researchers 17 April 2015
Climate in Focus – Bolin Days for Schools 24 March 2015
Article on climate change and the future (and history) of Vasaloppet 13 March 2015
DN-debatt 10 March 2015
ÅForsks kunskapspris 2015 02 March 2015
Open lecture about Climate with Bolin Centre Scientist Ray Pierrehumbert 16 February 2015
Kungens miljöprofessur 12 February 2015
Kevin Noone new Chairman of the Advisory Board of JPI Climate 10 February 2015
Open lecture with Ray Pierrehumbert 05 February 2015
Newsletter #5 04 February 2015
Workshop on Storm Tracks – Switzerland 27 January 2015
SWERUS-C3 Summer 2014 Expedition 23 January 2015
2015 Summer School 22 January 2015
BGC/ATM Seminar Seriers – Chris Rapley 15 January 2015
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