IGV’s Alasdair Skelton has been granted funding for our mission of communicating with the community (“tredje uppgiften”). The funding is the largest of nine grants awarded by Formas on November 5, 2015, concerning sustainable development. The idea of the project is to increase understanding of climate-related processes among upper secondary students by providing research-based fieldwork within the school framework. The goal of the projects is to increase the students’ awareness of climate change and to enhance the link between the university and schools. The fieldwork will be led by researchers from the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research. The aim is to make the project a pre-university project within the upper secondary school. The scientific questions that the students will work with are as yet unanswered and therefore require collection of data in the field through observations and measurements with subsequent analyses.

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21 Feb Stockholm Resilience Centre | Seminar
21 Feb Bolin Centre Seminar Series | Research Area 5
22 Feb Symposium at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
22 Feb PhD seminar | Maartje Kuilman
6 Mar MISU Seminar | Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan
6 Mar Zootis Seminar | Nick del Grosso and Ludwig-Maximilians
8 Mar Baltic Sea Future Congress
8 Mar PhD Seminar | Sebastian Scher
9 Mar Baltic Sea Future Congress
12 Mar MISU Seminar | Marcello Vichi
14 Mar Symposium on Sustainable Ecosystem Governance
15 Mar Symposium on Sustainable Ecosystem Governance
16 Mar Symposium on Sustainable Ecosystem Governance
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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