Day 4 and 5 at AGU  the future researchers

We hade many future researchers visiting the booth, it feels great to reach these young people and try to make science a fun subject. The Teasing stick and Pangea puzzle are definitely very good tools to work with!

And here are some of the winners of the Bolin Centre draw of the Volcanic ash and Tree rings samples.

Some scientists with their posters. The SWERUS sessions were well attended successes with many Bolin Centre scientists participating.


Day 3 at AGU – The Teasing Stick day

The Bolin Centre Mind game has been a hit! Solving the puzzle of Climate change has never been so popular!


Day 2 at AGU

The Bolin Booth was as busy as yesterday. I lot of people came back to get the Teasing Stick off their shirts and one came back to tell us, proudley that he manage to take it off.



Day 1 at AGU

As always the Bolin Booth was a hit. 

Both the Pangea Puzzle and the Teasing stick attracted many new and returning visitors.




21 Feb Stockholm Resilience Centre | Seminar
21 Feb Bolin Centre Seminar Series | Research Area 5
22 Feb Symposium at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
22 Feb PhD seminar | Maartje Kuilman
6 Mar MISU Seminar | Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan
6 Mar Zootis Seminar | Nick del Grosso and Ludwig-Maximilians
8 Mar Baltic Sea Future Congress
8 Mar PhD Seminar | Sebastian Scher
9 Mar Baltic Sea Future Congress
12 Mar MISU Seminar | Marcello Vichi
14 Mar Symposium on Sustainable Ecosystem Governance
15 Mar Symposium on Sustainable Ecosystem Governance
16 Mar Symposium on Sustainable Ecosystem Governance
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