New article in Nature Geoscience

Storm track processes and the opposing influences of climate change

T. A. Shaw, M. Baldwin, E. A. Barnes, R. Caballero, C. I. Garfinkel, Y.-T. Hwang, C. Li, P. A. O’Gorman, G. Rivière, I. R. Simpson and A. Voigt

Storm tracks, regions where weather systems tend to concentrate in midlatitudes, play a key role in the global climate. Predicting how the location and intensity of storm tracks will change in a warmer climate has proved to be particularly difficult. This review paper summarizes current knowledge in this area and shows that the uncertainty in the predictions stems from the presence of a multitude of competing effects in delicate balance. Understanding how this balance will be upset by warming will require a careful analysis of each mechanism using a range of models spanning a hierarchy of complexity.

This paper is the result of a workshop held in Switzerland last year which was co-organized by Research Area 1 of the Bolin Centre. A free copy of the paper can be downloaded from this link:

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