We welcome you to the RA5 Kick Off/Re-Launch!

With the expansion of the Bolin Centre we are pleased to welcome
new members to RA5: Historical to millennial climate variability

Our work focusses on climate changes occurring on shorter timescales (decades to millennia). If you haven’t worked with time as such but are curious please come join us! Understanding present day processes can always help us understand changes in the past. You can read more about our work here http://bolin.su.se/index.php/ra5-historical-to-millennial-climate-variability
To join RA5 start here: http://www.bolin.su.se/index.php/join-the-bolin-centre  

We plan an afternoon of short presentations followed by discussion time.

February 27th at 14.00, that is directly after the RA2 lecture (Sea spray aerosols and cloud droplet formation).

We are still waiting on a room booking


Two weeks after this meeting we would like to have in applications for seed money to new projects (max 50 kSEK). Contact us if you would like an application form already now.

Please follow this link to register your availability (and yes, one of these dates is sportlov but we’re throwing it out there anyways): http://doodle.com/poll/uuxnwbmbw4rbipf5

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