100 MSEK grant to maritime robots

Bolin Centre scientist Nina Kirchner is a co-leader on the Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre which has received 100 MSEK from the Swedish Foundation for Staregic Reseach.

The Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre (SMaRC) is one of four new Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) funded Industrial Research Centres, and will run from 2017 until 2023. The initiative is lead by KTH and involves the Bolin Centre at Stockholm University, the University of Gothenburg, FOI, FMV, and the industry partners SAAB and MMT Sweden.

SMaRCs objective is to enable a technology shift towards the next generation of maritime robots. These robots will transform operations in areas such as ocean production (“blue growth”), safeguarding society, and monitoring of the environment.
Bolin Centre scientist Nina Kirchner is a co-leader on the application with Bolin Centre scientist Gia Destouni on the Scientific Advisory Board. Nina will co-evaluate SMaRCs technical development and demonstrator program in challenging field missions in polar environments, where functionality and performance of the new robots will be tested from, among others, a climate researcher’s user-perspective.

KTH's Maritime Robot "Calle". Photo: KTH 

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