Bolin Centre Call for applications: Integration projects

Deadline for submission of proposals: 30 September 2017
Decision on project funding: October 2017.

The Bolin Centre has 0.8 MSEK faculty funds which have been allocated for the purpose of promoting integration between RA1–6 and RA7–8. We hereby invite all Bolin Centre members to submit an application for an integration project, according to the guidelines and instructions below.

The purpose of the integration funds is to promote integration between Research Areas 1–6 on the one hand, and Research Areas 7 and 8 on the other hand. Applications for integration projects must therefore be submitted by at least two main applicants, where at least one is from RA1–6, and at least one is from RA7 or RA8. The two main applicants are equal Principal Investigators of the proposed project, following the Bolin Centre’s internal policy of paired leadership. Applications that do not have at least one main applicant from RA1–6, and one from RA7 and RA8, will not be considered for review.

The integration projects will have a runtime of ca 12 months, starting earliest in October 2017 and ending latest in December 2018. The maximum sum that can be applied for is 100 000 kr. The money can be used for start-up projects and/or other activities, including but not limited to workshops, invitation of guest researchers, or field work.

The application shall involve a description of the proposed research and/or activities, with special emphasis on the integration potential and expected mutual benefits for the involved research areas. It shall also contain a budget. The proposal should not exceed 3 pages, Times New Roman, fontsize 12. CV and publication lists of the applicants are not requested.

Proposals need to be submitted by email no later than 30 September 2017 to the Bolin Centre Directorate (alasdair.skelton[at], nina.kirchner[at] The Directorate will send all applications received out for review to the Research Area leaders within a week, together with a template containing evaluation criteria (the template is provided below for information). The RA leaders have to submit their reviews (one joint RA voice per proposal, and which may remain anonymous) per email,  no later than October 20, 2017 to the Directorate who will prepare a ranking of the proposals and  a make a final decision concerning funding based on the SAG reviews.

Review Template for the Integration Project applications:
Please indicate how you rank the proposal with respect to ”research question”, ”integration potential” and ”budget”, according to the provided scale.

Research question:
Very good

Brief motivation (23 sentences):
Integration potential
Very high

Brief motivation (23 sentences):

Overall Rating
Note: In your overall rating, please rank “Research question” and “Integration potential” equally. Your recommendation on “Budget” will not make a project fail, but may imply reduced funding.

Recommended for funding
Not recommended for funding


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