New popular science book about climate history

Bolin Centre scientist Dr. Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, a historian and palaeoclimatologist, has just published a popular science book about how the climate on Earth has varied since the end of the last Ice Age and how the climate changes have affected mankind throughout the course of history. The new book Klimatet och människan under 12 000 år (Stockholm, Dialogos, 2017: 456 pages) is richly illustrated in colour and written in Swedish for a general audience. It presents and synthesises the latest research in climate history and highlights the relevance of climate history in our present time of anthropogenic global warming.

Read more about the new book on the publishing house’s web page.

Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist is affiliated to Bolin Centre Research Area 5 “Historical to millennial climate variability” and is author and co-author of over 35 articles in palaeoclimatology, including a first authorship article in Nature, and was last year awarded the Clio Prize for his two earlier popular science books.

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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