An impressive series of articles by Bolin Centre scientists

An impressive series of articles by Bolin Centre scientists just published online as part of a new special issue on nature-based solutions in the high impact paper Land Degradation and Development. They have particular relevance to RA7 and RA3

Engström R, Howells M, Mörtberg U, Destouni G, Multi-functionality of nature based and other urban sustainability solutions and their nexus: comparisons for New York City, Land Degradation and Development, 1-10, 2018 (online).,

Goldenberg R, Kalantari Z, Destouni G, Increased access to nearby green–blue areas associated with greater metropolitan population wellbeing. Land Degradation and Development, 1–10, 2018 (online).,  

Gross E, Mård J, Kalantari Z, Bring A, Links between Nordic and Arctic hydroclimate and vegetation changes: Contribution to possible landscape-scale nature-based solutions, Land Degradation and Development, 1-11, 2018 (online).,

Pan H, Deal B, Destouni G, Zhang Y, Kalantari Z, Sociohydrology modeling for complex urban environments in support of integrated land and water resource management practices. Land Degradation and Development, 1–14. 2018 (online). https://,

Quin A, Destouni G, Large-scale comparison of flow-variability dampening by lakes and wetlands in the landscape. Land Degradation and Development, 1–11, 2018 (online).,

Thorslund J, Cohen MJ, Jawitz JW, Destouni G, Creed IF, Rains MC, Badiou P, Jarsjö J, Solute evidence for hydrological connectivity of geographically isolated wetlands, Land Degradation and Development, 1–11, 2018 (in press).,

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