Welcome to join the Bolin Centre Climate Arena

A national program to promote new collaboration arenas is being financed by Vinnova. The Bolin Centre Climate Arena is the arena that Stockholm University has prioritized.

The time to become involved is now! The arena is currently being initiated and interested researchers are now being invited to participate.

We need to identify stakeholders/partners. If you want to be a part of the project directly or indirectly, you are so welcome, as hopefully you find that your own research field could contribute to the Climate Arena. Also of interest is if you have external contacts that you would like to involve or if you can think of external contact that may be interested in the Climate Arena. Examples of already engaged external partners are the Swedish Environmental Agency, MAX Burgers and Snowflake education.

The Bolin Centre Climate Arena aims to aid in “bending the curve” for the increasing temperature changes of the world by

  • Developing long lasting relations with external partners and society,
  • Enhancing the impact and utilisation of knowledge and research,
  • and promoting the climate education for the future.

A climate arena enables a mutual exchange of societal challenges and knowledge aimed at influencing social development, with the focus on contributing with expertise on how to effectively reduce our climate impact. Through collaboration with researchers, students, companies, organisations and other stakeholders in society the climate arena will contribute to bending the curve. The goals and objectives of the climate arena will simultaneously contribute to the strategic goal of the Bolin Centre in creating and communicating climate science, which in order will help to initiate new collaboration partners and attract future funding.

Elisabeth Däcker will be the Bolin Centre contact in this project. Please contact Elisabeth if you would like to join and/or if you have any thoughts or questions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo: Niklas Björklind



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