Welcome to a workshop with a focus on Africa

We invite you to sign up for a one-day workshop in the Bolin centre Research Area 7 (Landscape processes and climate) with a focus on Africa. We are many researchers in our research area who study various aspects of ecology, hydrology, natural resource management, livelihood etc with a climate focus/relevance in Africa. Therefore, we will organize a workshop to share scientific results, experiences and ideas for addressing new research challenges.

Below is a preliminary program. We have asked a number of researchers from our research area to give short presentations about their research in Africa. In the afternoon we will then discuss important future research topics.  

We have booked Villa Källhagen, 9.30–16.30, Tuesday December 5 for this workshop. The workshop is free and will include lunch and coffee.

We have limited the number of participants to 25 to get good discussions and we will allocate places at a first-come, first-served basis.

Register by sending an email to: Kristoffer.hylander[at]su.se

(Those of you who have agreed to talk don’t need to register again)

Best regards,
Kristoffer Hylander, Zahra Kalantari and Regina Lindborg

Agenda for December 5
Villa Källhagen
09.30–10.00 Fika
10.00–10.15 Introduction
10.15–12.00 Presentations
  Regina Lindborg – Physical Geography
  Stefano Manzoni – Physical Geography
  Maria Johansson – Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
  Lowe Börjeson – Human Geography
  Zahra Kalantari – Physical Geography
  Line Gordon – Resilience Centre
  Ayco Tack – Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
  Qiong Zhang – Physical Geography
  Martin Gullström – Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
  Ian Brown – Physical Geography
  Alexander Koutsouris – Physical Geography
12.00–13.00 Lunch
13.00–14.00 Working in groups to identify ”hot topics”
14.00–14.30 Cluster into new groups
14.30–16.00 Discussion incl fika
16.00–16.30 Report back and Wrap-up
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