RA1 Workshop in Stockholm on the Southern Ocean, June 2014

Location: Sjöfartshuset, room Strömsalongen, Skeppsbron 10, 111 30 Stockholm 
11–12 of June 2014
Organization: Agatha de Boer, Department of Geological Sciences, Stockholm University – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wedneday, June 11
Description of the LGM circulation and carbon cycle
8.30   – Welcome and introduction to the workshop Agatha de Boer
8.45   – What can paleo-data reconstructions tell us about Ice Age Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds? Karen Kohfeld
9.30   – A high resolution LGM simulation in the NEMO ocean model Maxime Ballarota
10.00   Tea  
10.15   – The role of Southern Ocean fronts in the global climate system Robert Graham
11.00   – Deep-sea coral records of the last deglaciation in the Drake Passage: progress and new directions Laura Robinson

Processes important for Soutern Ocean circulation and carbon cycle

11.45   – Variability in Southern Ocean convection and AABW : global implications for climate and ocean carbon cycling Irina Marinov
12.30   Lunch  
13.15   – Response of modern Southern Ocean to increased westerlies in eddy resolving ocean carbon cycle models Julien Le Sommer
14.00   – Mixing processes influencing Antarctic Bottom Water properties Sonya Legg
14.45   – Separating vertical from isopycnal mixing in the Southern Ocean Trevor McDougall
15.30   Summary discusson  
16.00   End of day 1 – Free evening  
Thursday, June 12
8.30   – Importance of the nonlinear equation of state on the Southern Ocean circulation Fabien Roquet

– The role of Southern Ocean winds and geometry for inter ocean exchange

Johan Nilsson
10.00   Tea  
10.15   – Closing the abyssal overturning circulation Gurvan Madec
Hypothesis for the last glacial carbon cycle
11.00   – The role of Southern Ocean eddy phenomena in ocean carbon storage Dave Munday
11.45   – The role of sea-ice in the glacial-interglacial carbon cycle Raffaele Ferrari
12.30   Lunch  
13.15   – The Last Deglaciation evolution of the carbon cycle driven by changes in Southern Ocean stratification Nathaelle Bouttes
14.00   – The non-linear response of atmospheric CO2 to changes in Southern Ocean physics Kevin Oliver
14.45   – The role of topographically induced mixing in the carbon cycle Agatha de Boer
15.30   Summary discusson  
16.00   Workshop end  
19.30   Dinner Thaiboat restaurant (www.thaiboat.se)  
Venue: Sjöfartshuset
Room: Strömsalongen
Address: Skeppsbron 10, 111 30 Stockholm
Contact: Agatha de Boer – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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