PAST GATEWAYS Palaeo-Arctic Spatial and Temporal Gateways, May 18–22, 2015

PAST Gateways Conference 2015, 18–22 May

PAST Gateways (Past Spatial and Temporal Gateways) is an IASC-endorsed network, with the scientific goal to understand and reconstruct Arctic environmental changes, during the period preceding instrumental records and across decadal to millennial timescales. The focus of the six-year programme is on the nature and significance of Arctic spatial and temporal gateways, with an emphasis on the transitions between major Late Cenozoic climate events such as interglacial to full glacial and full glacial to deglacial states, as well as more recent Holocene fluctuations.
Themes of conference
1. Growth and decay of Arctic Ice Sheets;
2. Arctic sea-ice and ocean changes;
3. Non-glaciated Arctic environments including permafrost change.
4. Holocene Arctic environmental change
Meyer, H., Hubberten, H.-W., Schwamborn, G., Opel, T., Schirrmeister, L., Diekmann, B., Fritz, M., Lenz, J., Fritzsche, D., Guenther, F., Schollän, K. (AWI Potsdam)
O'Cofaigh, C. (University of Durham, chairman of PAST Gateways)

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