RA5 retreat

Key drivers of past climate change – lessons learned and remaining inconsistencies

Date: 29 April 2019, 9:00 – 19:00.
Where: VILLA KÄLLHAGEN, Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 10, 115 27 Stockholm, www.kallhagen.se
Organiser: Frederik Schenk (RA5 co-leader, IGV)
Co-organizer: Qiong Zhang (RA5 co-leader, NG)

RA5 retreat 2019, Stockholm (picture: Léon Chafik)

What are the key drivers of past climate change? What do we know already and what are the current research problems? For our future research funding within RA5, we are particularly interested in open questions, surprises and (potential) inconsistencies or problems which emerge from your current research. In addition to the continuation of RA5 support to fund small individual grants, there will be the opportunity to identify potential common avenues for cooperation. If feasible, these may result in funding of larger common projects.

09.00–10,00 Arrival and Breakfast
10.15–11.45 Opening and RA5 presentations
10.15 Opening by Frederik Schenk and Qiong Zhang (RA5 co-leaders)
Anders Moberg (NG): How unusual was the warm summer 2018 in Stockholm, and when will a similar summer happen again?
Fredrik C. Ljungqvist (History): Disentangling socio-political and climatic factors for food insecurity in early modern northern Europe (c. 1500–1800)
Jenny Sjöström (IGV): Paleodust deposition in raised peat bogs in south-central Sweden from mid-Holocene to the present
Malin Kylander (IGV): It’s in your glass: A history of sea level and storminess Islay (SW Scotland)
Zixuan Han (NG): The large-scale changes in the hydrological cycle in the past climate
Josefine Axelsson (NG): Monsoon variability revealed by stable water isotopes
11.45–12.45 Lunch
13.00–14.45 Continuation of RA5 presentations
Qiong Zhang (NG): Paleoclimate modelling and collaborations
Léon Chafik (MISU): North Atlantic Ocean Circulation and Sea Level Change
Frederik Schenk (IGV): Why extreme seasonality changes may require place-for-time replacements
Kweku Yamoah (Birmingham & IGV): Bacterial 3-hydroxy fatty acids as a temperature and pH proxy
Margareta Hansson (NG): Using Ice Cores
Simon Larsson (NG): New tephra findings in Scandinavia and their implications
Stefan Wastegård (NG): Ongoing and future #tephratastic research questions
14.45–15.15 Fika (coffee and cake)
15.15–16.45 Team building (hiking around Djurgården)
16.45–17.30 Group work, discussion & closing of the day
17.30 Conference Dinner (open end)

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