Research at the Bolin Centre

Eight multi-disciplinary research areas with interacting scientists:

The Bolin Centre focus on extending and disseminating knowledge about the Earth’s natural climate system, climate variations, climate impacting processes, climate modelling, human impact on the climate and climate impacts on ecosystems, biodiversity and human conditions as well as how society can minimize negative impacts through responsible management.

Research Area 1
Oceans‐atmosphere dynamics
and climate
Research Area 2
Clouds, aerosols, turbulence
and climate
Research Area 3
Hydrosphere, Cryosphere and Climate
Research Area 4 Biogeo-chemical cycles and climate Research Area 5
Historical to millennial climate variability
Research Area 6
Deep time climate variability
Research Area 7
Landscape Processes and Climate
Research Area 8
Biodiversity and Climate
Bolin Centre for Climate Research
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