Research Area 1 – Members

(in alphabetic order)
Abdel-Fattah, Dina DVS dabdelfattah[at]
Acosta Navarro, Juan-Camilo ACES Juan-Camilo.acosta[at]
Ahlkrona, Josefin Dept. of Mathematics ahlkrona[at]
Aldama Campino, Aitor MISU aitor.aldamacampino[at]
Ammar, Yosr Resilience Centre yosr.ammar[at]
Angerbjörn, Karin IGV karin.angerbjorn[at]
Armstrong McKay, David Resilience Centre david.armstrongmckay[at]
Axelsson, Josefine NG josefine.axelsson[at]
Baró Pérez, Alejandro MISU alejandro.baro-perez[at]
Bender, Frida MISU frida.bender[at]
Benze, Susanne MISU susanne.benze[at]
Beran, Jakob MISU jakob.beran[at]
Berg, Peter SMHI peter.berg[at]
Berger, Marit KTH marit[at]
Berglund, Sara MISU sara.berglund[at]
Berntell, Ellen NG ellen.berntell[at]
Blenckner, Thorsten Resilience Centre thorsten.blenckner[at]
Blomdin, Robin NG robin.blomdin[at]
Boyd, Meighan Royal Holloway Meighan.Boyd[at]
Brandt, Luca KTH luca[at]
Brethouwer, Geert KTH geert[at]
Broman, Lisa MISU lina.broman[at]
Broomé, Sara MISU sara.broome[at]
Brown, Ian NG ian.brown[at]
Caballero, Rodrigo MISU rodrigo[at]
Caian, Mihaela SMHI mihaela.caian[at]
Carlson, Henrik MISU henrik[at]
Cerrattp Pargman, Teresa DSV tessy[at]
Chafik, Léon MISU leon.chafik[at]
Chashchyna, Liza NG Liza.chashchyna[at]
Chen, Jie NG jie.chen[at]
Crill, Patrick IGV patrick.crill[at]
de Boer, Agatha IGV agatha.deboer[at]
Dey, Dipanjan MISU dipanjan.dey[at]
Dimitrelos, Antonios MISU antonios.dimitrelos[at]
Downing, Andrea Resilience Centre andrea.downing[at]
Döscher, Ralf SMHI Ralf.Doescher[at]
Döös, Kristofer MISU doos[at]
Egerer, Claudia Dept. of English claudia.egerer[at]
Elsler, Laura Resilience Centre laura.elsler[at]
Engström, Erik SMHI, Core Service erik.engstrom[at]
Fitch, Anna MISU anna.fitch[at]
Flynn, Clare MISU clare.flynn[at]
Fransner, Filippa MISU filippa[at]
Fredriksson, Jonas IGV jonas.teddy.fredriksson[at]
Fuentes Franco, Ramón SMHI, Rossby Centre This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Gdaniec, Sandra NRM, IGV sandra.gdaniec[at]
Geibel, Marc Baltic Sea Centre marc.geibel[at]
Golland, Ami Resilience Centre ami.golland[at]
Goodfellow, Bradley IGV bradley.goodfellow[at]
Gylfe, Eva IGV eva.gylfe[at]
Gärdebo, Johan KTH gardebo[at]
Haddad, Ola NG olaha80[at]
Hadden, David ACES david.hadden[at]
Han, Zixuan NG zixuan.han[at]
Hannachi, Abdel MISU a.hannachi[at]
Hansson, Margareta MISU margareta.hansson[at]
Hartung, Kerstin MISU kerstin.hartung[at]
Hedin, Jonas MISU jhedi[at]
Hichens-Bergströ, Marit NG marit.hichens-bergstrom[at]
Holmes, Felicity NG felicity.holmes[at]
Hutchinson, David IGV david.hutchinson[at]
Högberg, Charlotta NG charlotta.hogberg[at]
Ibanescu, Iulia MISU iulia[at]
Ickes, Luisa MISU luisa.ickes[at]
Iqbal, Waheed MISU waheed.iqbal[at]
Jakobsson, Martin IGV martin.jakobsson[at]
Jansen, Joachim IGV joachim.jansen[at]
Joshi, Somya DSV somya[at]
Jönsson, Aiden MISU aiden.jonsson[at]
Karami, Pasha SMHI, Rossby Centre pasha.karami[at]
Kari, Elina DEEP elina.kari[at]
Karlsson, Bodil MISU bodil[at]
Kirago, Leonard ACES Leonard.Kirago[at]
Kirchner, Nina NG nina.kirchner[at]
Kjellström, Erik SMHI Erik.Kjellstrom[at]
Kleman, Johan NG Kleman[at]
Kondetharayil Soman, Arunraj MISU arunraj.kondetharayil[at]
Kong, Deguo ACES deguo.kong[at]
Koszalka, Inga Monika MISU inga.koszalka[at]
Kratzer, Susanne DEEP susanne.kratzer[at]
Kuang, Xueyuan IGV xueyuan.kuang[at]
Kuilman, Maartje MISU maartje.kuilman[at]
Kuttenkeuler, Jakob KTH jakob[at]
Kyryliuk, Dmytro DEEP dmytro.kyryliuk[at]
• Königk, Torben (CL) SMHI torben.koenigk[at]
Körnich, Heiner SMHI, MISU Heiner.Kornich[at]
Lang, Karl IGV karl.lang[at]
Lazeroms, Werner KTH werner[at]
Legarda-Lisarri, Alba Uni. de Zaragoza legarda.geo[at]
Li, Qiang NG[at]
Lindberg, Sylvia DEEP sylvia.lindberg[at]
Lindborg, Erik KTH erikl[at]
Lundevall-Zara, Mayzoon IGV maysoon.lundevall[at]
Martella, Giulia ACES Giulia.Martella[at]
Martins, Helena SMHI helena.martins[at]
Mas e Braga, Martin NG martim.braga[at]
Matsubara Pereira, Felipe ACES Felipe.Matsubara[at]
• Mauritsen, Thorsten (CL) MISU thorsten.mauritsen[at]
Meier, Markus SMHI Markus.Meier[at]
Messori, Gabriele MISU gabriele.messori[at]
Modak, Angshuman MISU angshuman.modak[at]
Mohammad, Rezwan IGV rezwan.mohammad[at]
Mohr, Claudia ACES claudia.mohr[at]
Muchowski, Julia IGV julia.muchowski[at]
Murto, Sonja MISU sonja.murto[at]
Nikulin, Grigory SMHI grigory.nikulin[at]
Nilsson, Johan MISU nilsson[at]
Nyasulu, Maganizo Kruger Resilience Centre kruger.nyasulu[at]
Nycander, Jonas MISU jonas[at]
Oostdijk, Maartje NG maartje.oostdijk[at]
Otto, jacqueline NG jacqueline.otto[at]
Pausata, Francesco S.R. MISU francesco.pausata[at]
Pauthenet, Etienne MISU etienne.pauthenet[at]
Pemberton, Per MISU, SMHI pemberton[at][at]
Pouransari, Zeinab KTH zeinab[at]
Prakash, Abhay NG abhay.prakash[at]
Prytherch, John MISU john.prytherch[at]
Renoult, Martin MISU martin.renoult[at]
Riipinen, Ilona ACES ilona.riipinen[at]
Ring, Uwe IGV uwe.ring[at]
Roquet, Fabien MISU fabien.roquet[at]
Sagoo, Navjit MISU navjit.sagoo[at]
Salo, Tiina DEEP tiina.salo[at]
Scaini, Anna NG anna.scaini[at]
Schenk, Frederik KTH fsche[at]
Scher, Sebastian MISU sebastian.scher[at]
Sedlar, Joe SMHI joseph.sedlar[at]
Schimanke, Semjon SMHI semjon.schimanke[at]
Slodownik, Miriam Andrea IGV m.a.slodownik[at]
Schneider, Ramona NG ramona.schneider93[at]
Sparrow, Kathryn ACES Kathryn.Sparrow[at]
Stanev, Marin MISU marin.stanev[at]
Stranne, Christian IGV christian.stranne[at]
Stroeven, Arjen NG arjen.stroeven[at]
Svensson, Gunilla MISU gunilla[at]
Thornton, Brett IGV brett.thornton[at]
Tjernström, Michael MISU michaelt[at]
Toniazzo, Thomas MISU thomas.toniazzo[at]
Undorf, Sabine MISU sabine.undorf[at]
Wallin, Stefan KTH stefanw[at]
Wang, Shiyu SMHI[at]
Wang, Tongmei MISU[at]
Wickberg, Adam KTH adam.wickberg[at]
Wik, Martin IGV martin.wik[at]
Wohlfarth, Barbara IGV barbara.wohlfarth[at]
Woods, Cian MISU cian[at]
Wyser, Klaus SMHI klaus.wyser[at]
Wåhlström, Iréne SMHI irene.wahlstrom[at]
Åkesson, Henning IGV henning.akesson[at]
Zhang, Qiong NG qiong.zhang[at]
Ödalen, Malin MISU malin.odalen[at]
Önskog, Thomas KTH onskog[at]


Aarhus UD – Department of Geoscience, AARHUS University, Denmark
ACES – Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry
ARKLAB – The Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies
Baltic Sea Centre
CL – Co-Leader
DEEP – Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Science
DSV – Department of Computer and systems Sciences
EAPS – Earth Atmospheric Planetary Sciences
IGV – Department of Geological Sciences
IIES – Institute for International Economic Studies
KG – The Department of Human Geography
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
LTH – Lund University
MATH – Department of Mathematics
MISU – Department of Meteorology
NG – Department of Physical geography
NRM – The Swedish Museum of Natural History
Resilience Centre – Stockholm Resilience Centre
RIHN – Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Royal Holloway University of London
SBS – Stockholm Business School
SGU – Geological Survey of Sweden
Stockholm Resilience Centre
SH – Södertörns University
SMHI – Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
SU – Stockholm University
The Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies
UU – Uppsala University
Zootis – Department of Zoology

Bolin Centre for Climate Research
A collaboration between Stockholm University, KTH and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute | Web administrator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.